The Changing Face of Affiliate Marketing

Today, a traditional marketer’s thought of what affiliate marketing is is most likely different than what it has evolved into. With the growth of social media over the last few years, the power of top publishers has also increased tenfold.

With typical affiliate marketing, we would expect to create an account on a network (eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, Commission Junction, Linkshare, etc.), set up commissions, and invite publishers to join. However, with the growth of social influencers in various blog/niche spaces, this has changed to be more.

For placements on top sites (high, targeted traffic), it has become necessary to offer your 10 percent base commission and exclusive offers that fix exactly what the publisher is looking for. Chances are that placement you’re seeking out is being sought out by others with the same end goal in mind.

Different offers can include:

  • Increased commission: This offer will only hold up if the placement they’re promoting drives sales. If the publisher is more interested in receiving payment up front rather than waiting for sales, they will probably opt for the flat payout method.
  • Flat payouts: This could vary widely be based on the publisher, but typically these flat payouts can be based on the placement of the ad (homepage, featured products, our favorites, etc.) or duration (for one day, one month, a season, etc.).

It’s important to weigh your options when looking at different opportunities. Don’t jump on the first option that sounds good without seeing what else is out there. Checking the site’s Alexa Ranking can help you determine if the target market of the site aligns with your site and make educated decisions of these findings.

Like any bargainer would, most publishers will propose an offer that may seem a bit high and out of your price range. It’s important to not immediately accept the offer and potentially lose money. However, at the same time, don’t lose hope in promoting on the site. If it is not clear right off the bat, sell your site/product/service and let the publisher know why they would want you. Ultimately, you will be the money driver, and it’s important to show why they would want to promote you.

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