The Elevator Pitch is Dead

By February 13, 2014E-Commerce Marketing

When communicating your value proposition, the title says it all—The Elevator Pitch is Dead.  There was a time when the key in marketing was developing your “elevator pitch,” the message you share that’s approximately 30 seconds to a minute (a ride on an elevator) to explain your company.

It doesn’t work that way anymore.  On the internet, you don’t have a minute. You don’t have 30 seconds. You don’t have 10 seconds. You have three to five seconds MAX.

I work with a lot of our clients on this.  I ask them: What do you do? What makes you valuable? Now tell me in three to five words.

It can be extremely difficult, but this exercise is about getting to the point and shaping your messaging across all marketing channels.

The main reason it has become important in marketing (aside from the lack of attention span in today’s shopper) is word of mouth.  What will someone tell someone else when speaking about you? If you want to be successful, you need to paint the picture for what people say.  An elevator pitch can be interesting when talking to investors, but when talking to customers, you need the “point pitch,” meaning you get to the point and it is so short that the customer could regurgitate it to other people without any issues.

The basic key: Keep it brief and get the point across so your message can spread.

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