The Importance of Getting Stuff Done and How to Be a Doer

By January 25, 2015Strategy

Over the past year, I have worked with and interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs.  One interest of mine is always asking what they feel makes them successful.  What separates them from everyone else in this world?

Above all else, by far the most common answer is some form of “Just get it done.”  If you want to move ahead in the world, the key is to be a “doer.”  Here are five key things to keep in mind when getting things done.


  1. Knock Things Off The List – There’s a time to be conceptual, but quickly figure out what steps are needed to get things done, and then start checking them off.  Create to-do lists with dates and schedules and make sure to get them done.  Committing to completing these tasks will help continue to move your company forward.
  2. Keep Others Moving – Don’t be a choke point.  If you have something on your plate that needs to be done for someone else to continue their job, it should usually be a priority.  The idea is to keep many plates spinning, so if you can keep the people around you moving along with your own tasks, you will be much more productive as a whole.
  3. Decision is much better than Indecision – It is better to make mistakes and keep moving, than not move at all.  Make quick decisions based on the facts and move on.  If you have the information you need, weigh the pros and cons quickly and go.  MANY business owners stand in their company’s way because of risk adversity and a fear of doing the wrong thing.  Make tons of decisions and be right at least 51 percent of the time.
  4. Don’t Burn Time – The more successful you get, the more important your time management will be.  If you have a commute, set meetings or listen to an audio book and learn something on the way.  Have to travel or head to meetings?  Make sure you have a call on the way or things you can get done.  Time is something you need to learn how to work with to succeed.  Those extra tasks and meetings during transit can increase your output significantly.
  5. Focus on Purpose – Always be doing something.  That something could be relaxing or taking personal time, but do it intentionally.  Don’t just meander and fall in and out of work.  When you’re working, be punching through that list, then when relaxing, relax.  This will not only help you be productive but also help you balance your life.

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