The Age of Digital Immersion—Why Good Design is Important

By June 24, 2016Creative

In today’s day and age of digital immersion, where technology is always quickly advancing and improving, one cannot help but to try and “keep up” by becoming intertwined in the digital media bubble. People’s communities now consist of ones found and/or nurtured through this social construct. However, designers have quickly adopted, moving from traditional print to the now ever so growing constructs of the web to create change.

But why good design? Why is design important? Well, for one, design can be a way to not only grab one’s attention but also break the construct that we’ve now conditioned into our daily lives. But good design can facilitate a better environment, community, mentality, and overall awareness. Here are a couple of reasons to design with a purpose, because good design makes an impact.

Design to improve society through social engagement

Designers are able to bring empathy and creativity to various social challenges. In doing so, creativity can defeat habits and create innovative approaches to making a measurable difference.

Design for good

To future motivate design-driven social change. There is a new wave of design thinking which is not only being adopted by creatives but also being implanted by corporations, agencies and the likes. Design that simplifies a complex social construct such as poverty allows other to achieve an open understanding. Design then plays a catalytic role in communities through projects that create positive social impact.

Design to be sustainable

Designers are known to welcome the challenges of constraints. Especially in a world that is becoming more environmentally sensitive, social and cultural implications of design is central to designers ethical commitment. Good design then respects the planet, profits, and people and further welcomes the opportunity to meet the challenges now made possible, especially through 3D design and mass production. Sustainability not only applies to the environment but to the overall goal: to enhance the human experience while doing no more to civilization. Rather, it should enhance the solution to a need or draw focus to a social constraint to be fixed.


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