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By July 7, 2015Creative

As we move more towards the digital realm and away from the pad of paper to sketch on, many artists have questioned how many fundamentals of design are really held true. However, one thing is for certain: while the days of detailed deliverables, napkin sketches and the likes might be dead, teams must prioritize a sort of living document.

This living document must not only have an organizational sense of direction and purpose for the designer in question, but must serve as visual breathing comp for the client. I want to make it clear that wire framing is not necessarily dead. It’s just changing, like every other element of design. More so, it has evolved into a more structured sketch of formalized components.

The original idea of a wireframe was to quickly map out and sketch all concepts onto one piece of “paper” in the formal early stages of design. This caused many designs were sent into a frenzy to come up with the “best imaginative idea” to propose to the client.

Today this wireframe is still necessary as a beginning step. It is now an interactive concept to bounce ideas within the realm of that project as well. In it’s most eloquent form, you must.

“Wireframe for the sake of seeing intangible concepts take shape. With certain tools, you might even start building the foundation for a prototype. Don’t wireframe for the sake of creating design artifacts that can easily dupe people into thinking it at all represents the final form.” (Creative Blog).

In the day-to-day of website builds, where no one idea is a new idea, templates are used as a baseline for building and customizing. But imagine this: rather than using a template as is, use it as your own wireframe to bounce and create more innovative conceptual layouts and elements. This is your initial wireframe – interactive to move to your leisure. And now the build becomes a different phase, challenging the initial template as the finalized product for consumption.

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