The Key To A Successful Facebook Campaign

A Facebook campaign can act as anything from an online billboard to a conversion driver. The possibilities of optimizing your strategy are bountiful and so is the potential to make mistakes and miss out on revenue dollars. The first step to getting revenue in any vertical is to understand your path.

The truth is: a lot of people make simple mistakes when setting up their marketing campaigns. Mistakes that can lead to a waste of money and upset clients. Often times the success of Facebook campaigns isn’t tied to the creativity or strength of your aesthetics, but rather the strength of your strategy. Luck for you, I have come up with five easy steps to add in during your strategy sessions to help you understand what you’re measuring and how to create a more successful campaign.

1. Define your brand

Figure out exactly what your company is trying to accomplish in their Facebook campaign. Do you want to do a gimmicky campaign to drive brand awareness? Do you want to push conversions through direct response marketing? Do you want to run a campaign for email capture? Do you want to do all of the above? You need to pin down what your business and brand is all about. Understanding this will drive everything else.

2. Define your goals

Set a goal for each of your business objectives. How are you going to accomplish your objectives? What strategies are you going to leverage? The goals of your company will be used to determine Facebook campaign goals and strategy.

3. Define campaign strategy

Figure out how you will measure the success of each of these goals. What KPIs are you going to look at and what percentage lift do you need to see to deem the Facebook campaign successful?

4. Strategize targeting

Each Facebook campaign will have its own unique targeting factors: age, geo, interests, etc. We know that we can drive super cheap traffic at a CPC of around $0.05 if we target outside of the United States, but is that really our customer? We all know we can get a ton of clicks to our site targeting users 18 and younger but they often don’t convert. Create personas for your potential customers and use that to create thoughtful targeting.

5. Strategize messaging

Finally, strategize around messaging, landing pages, CTAs and creative assets you want to use and how all of these will tie into the KPIs you are testing. You have to make sure everything in your Facebook campaign is in line with your objectives. To break it down simply: use product images for conversions. For pure branding, use: content, blogs, collaborations or interesting [brand] moves you’ve done to reinforce brand images.

If you know what you want to accomplish with your Facebook campaign you can easily speak to its success. Think through your campaigns, look at the hard data, test that data and challenge what you think you know about your audience. Knowing your objectives is just as important as the creativity and targeting. Adopt these steps and you will have more successful, thoughtful campaigns, I promise.

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