The Key To Becoming A Well-Balanced Web Developer

By September 22, 2015Creative

Recently a coworker asked me, “how do you spend most of your day coding?” I replied with a laugh and told them that web development isn’t for everyone. Being a web developer doesn’t get any easier as the days go by. Your days become heavily loaded with different deliverables to complete and countless debugging projects.  Not to mention the different projects you have to work-on on a daily basis and the random side jobs of the day, given to you by your co-workers. How you deal with all this on a daily basis varies from developer to developer. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you and you can’t see it.

Frustration in web development is bound to find its way in. When it does and I can’t figure out the problem, I step away for a few minutes. Go walk around outside, grab a cup of coffee, play a game of ping-pong (yes we have a ping-pong table at Hawke Media), or whatever it is that helps you get your mind off of work for a quick minute.

Frustratingly bashing away at code for hours on end can and will at times dig a deeper hole or turn those few lines of html code into ‘digital spaghetti’. Once again, stepping away from the computer for a couple of minutes refreshes the mind and allows you to come back with a fresh, ready to tackle the situation, mindset.  This has helped me in various situations and continues to be helpful on a daily basis.  

Transforming frustration into a positive outcome is a test I recently passed while recreating an email template from scratch by using a Photoshop file as a reference to make the email template responsive. I spent hours trying to solve the problem of there being a 1px gap between two images. Little did I know that the answer was right in front of me in the original code that I had created. I tried many different combinations but I could not figure it out. Finally, I decided to walk away for a couple of minutes, I closed my laptop and I took a break to clear my mind. I came back to my laptop fifteen minutes later and I saw the answer staring at me. I corrected that line of code refreshed my page and the gap sealed seamlessly. After reviewing my code countless amounts of times and doing a quality check I then turned it in for review and a possible positive outcome.

Every project and client is important to me. I give 110% effort because I know that, in the end, the feeling of accomplishment and pleasure that I get when I see my work enacted is worth it.  What you need to remember is that every client and every project is different. As a web developer you need to open your mind to learning new things. Another key point to a successful web developer career is becoming a sponge and absorbing as much information as possible.

Don’t want to leave you hanging on what the outcome of that email template was. All I need to know is that the outcome was positive and my manager was happy with my work. Code is changing the world every day and I will continue to wrap the world in code, expand my knowledge enhance the world revolving around the web development community.

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