The New Age of Packaging

By June 16, 2015Creative

To start of with a cliché: throughout history there has always been phases of art. Whether big movements such as Dada or Bauhaus, or small like the use of certain font types during different time periods, art is ever changing.

The latest trend has to do with the new rise of culture for this generation, as most trends do. What is it? The age of craftsmanship. Some say that this could be tied into the “hipster movement,” or maybe even the “me” generation mentality. No matter where it has originated, there is a new move towards the idea and concept of the crafted product.

In terms of packaging the new age of craftsmanship embodies the reusable, eco-friendly elements of the BeGreen Campaign, as well as the process of what is made. Not only must the product itself be crafted by hand, but the process itself is also an important piece of that puzzle. The packaging then must convey that crafted nature. This can be done in a variety of ways. The most common is the use of craft paper or natural looking elements such as rustic and faded fonts, color palettes, fabrics, textures, or recyclable material. However, the crafted product has also manifested itself in another way.

Take Ogilvy and Mather Hong Kong’s most recent endeavor into the craft space. They brought a popular brand name, Pizza Hut, and created a consumer craftsmen ship experiment. Pizza Hut itself has been known to rebrand with their craftsmanship and artisan to make in their space. However, they created a user experience where their delivery pizza boxes could be turned in to projectors in an effort to encourage the home movie & pizza ideal.

With simple packaging, reusable elements, and a little work from your phone, Oligvy managed to created a crafted process, product, and user experience involving the consumers in the craftsmanship.

Watch out world, the craft is coming. Check out the video here: 6 

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