The Only Bad Decision Is Indecision

By December 4, 2015Strategy

Life is filled with decisions. You can make good decisions or you can make bad decisions. The only decision you can’t recover from is indecision.

Too many times in life we spend our energy and bandwidth analyzing the what-if scenarios. Truly, the best step forward is testing your ideas in the market, analyzing the data and making decisions based off your learnings.

Often times when I speak with entrepreneurs or business owners, I find that their biggest fear is spending their money the wrong places as it pertains to digital marketing. I understand how this can be an intimidating proposition since there isn’t a silver bullet for growth and the digital landscape is constantly changing.

However, fear not, there is light at the end of this tunnel!

Here are some basics steps to consider when taking the leap into digital marketing:

1)  Identify a goal or objective: without a point of direction, it’s nearly impossible to make decisions in isolation that contribute to a long term success. I encourage you to make this challenging, but not so far out of reach that you don’t get the ball rolling.

2)   Optimize your mousetrap: before you go any further, it is an absolute must that you make sure your mousetrap is set up properly. This means a great website, analytics tracking, email capture, proper Search Engine Optimization, etc.

3)   Identify your audience: understand who your customer is and how to speak to them. There are many ways to do this, Facebook has a feature in their ad tool set where you can build lookalike audiences based off your existing email database.

4)   Evaluate your WARCHEST: if you’re like most entrepreneurs I know you don’t have an infinite budget. The key is playing to your strengths and handing off your weaknesses to experts.

5)   Build a strategy: a plan of action is key for execution and a benchmark for your results. Without one, good luck.

6)   Execute: you’ve made a plan, now stick to it. Once the levers have been turned on EVERYONE wants to see results IMMEDIATELY. Be patient, the data you gather will be useful for your long term learnings.

7)   Evaluate: at this point you can look at your results and make your decisions based off real data. Your options will be to add more fuel to the fire or stop and re-evaluate. Either way you’ve made progress.

8)   Pat your self on the back: if you made it this far you’ve made decisions and that is commendable. You’re a part of a small percentage of people that actually got off their ass. Well done!

I’m passionate about helping people grow their businesses and connecting them with the proper resources. Feel free to reach out anytime, I love meeting new people and connecting over ideas.

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