Think Millennials Are Too Good For Email?

By September 23, 2015Email Marketing

There is a lot of speculation these days on how email is not the best way to target Millennials who have their noses in social media and apps all day, every day. However, if you open up your mobile device and take a look at all the apps what do you see? Email is actually a built-in app on all of our phones. It’s not a question of whether or not Millennials use email, it’s a question of how they use it.

Think about this: you need an email address to log in to just about any app. A logged in experience is a more targeted and personalized experience. So once a Millennial (or anyone else) has vetted an app, they tend to be pretty loyal. If they seek one-to-one contact with companies for customer service, transactions or updates, it might be surprising to find that Millennials prefer to communicate through email as opposed to phone, social media, online chat or even text messages. In the retail segment, email is the second preferred mean of doing actual product research behind web search.

Now that you’re convinced that you need to step up your email game for Millennials, here’s two of my biggest insider tricks to follow:

  1. Millennials prefer consistent delivery. If they sign up for the newsletter that you claim will be delivered every Monday, that newsletter better be in their inbox every Monday around the same exact time every time. If you can make your subscribers anticipate your content, that is a great thing.

The flip side of that is, don’t send it out at the same time every week, if you don’t have something worth saying. Being consistent with value is more important than time. If the content isn’t useful for your subscriber, they’re going to unsubscribe.

  1. Millennials will avoid bad content. They’ll opt-in and expect their hand to be held throughout the entire process. Send them a welcome email so that they feel comforted in knowing that you’ll introduce them and show them around to the best parts of your brand. Clearly explain how they can set up an account and get started using your product or shopping for what’s right for them.

Don’t be afraid of an un-subscription. Un-subscriptions are going to happen and they probably weren’t going to do business with you in the first place. Learning from your un-subscriptions has a lot of value in determining your future email campaigns.

Although we assume Millennials are always on social media, they’re actually constantly checking emails. 89% check their email long after the work day has ended. The main takeaway here is that email is for business, whereas texting and social media are for socializing.

The most stereotyped generation is Millennials so don’t assume you know someone. For all of you debating whether to end your email campaigns for strictly social targeting, email isn’t going anywhere.

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