Three Easy Ways To Help Your Small Business Stand Out Online

By December 29, 2015Strategy

At Hawke Media we see hundreds of businesses come through our pipeline looking for help with digital marketing. I have found a few common issues that the majority of struggling small businesses share. Below I articulate three of the most common issues that small businesses looking to establish their digital presence struggle with.

  1.  Target Audience

The digital ecosystem is HUGE! You have companies with large budgets and others with small budgets. The key criterion that separates successes from failures is the ability to isolate and identify the target audience. Think about it, you do not want to be selling automotive parts to someone who is looking for new tennis shoes.  The same concept applies when you are creating your digital persona.  When you are developing your target audience, you are developing for their demographics and psychographics and how that correlates to their exact needs. When doing this, remember to stay focused on the particular subset of customers for whom your product solves a particular pain point. The most common issue we see within a struggling business is a poor understanding of their true target audience.  Remember, you must fix your target audience position before beginning ANY digital marketing campaign.

  1.  Social Media Presence

When choosing what social media platforms to participate in, think clearly about who your target audience is and what platform best conveys the features and benefits of your small business’ product/service. When you look at the major social media platforms in the aggregate, each particular platform is best focused towards a particular channel. Is your product/service visual? Then Instagram or Facebook may be your platform of choice. Is your product/service enterprises focused? Then LinkedIn would be the correct platform. Is success in your product/service a function of your businesses location? Then Facebook or Yelp! would be the correct platform. Each platform is better suited towards a respective type of business. Once you have decided on your platform and you have created your company’s home page, please don’t leave it. Foster the conversation, engage your customers and post interesting topics!

  1. Size Of Your Email List

Growing your email list is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to surefire success. Think about it, an email list is essentially a self-identified bucket of customers whom have raised their digital hands wishing to understand more about your product. These customers can be your most important and valuable.

So here are a few easy ways to grow your email list.

  • Develop a light box to capture email at the point of entry.
  • Provide special discounts if consumer enter their email
  • Develop a fun quiz
  • Develop a take action guide or tutorial
  • Develop a whitepaper or case study download

Keep in mind that these three easy steps are just the beginning. They are simply some food for thought to get your mind going on how to jump-start your small business’s digital presence. If you need additional support, we offer a free marketing consultation. Visit us at we would love to help.

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