It’s Time to Take Advantage of Facebook Video

The digital world is moving towards video, and you should too. Facebook’s algorithm favors video content and will reward video with higher ad placement and overall delivery. Moreover, utilizing video in your marketing strategy leads to increased engagement, conversions, and ROI.

Monetary reasons aside, a video is the best way to personify your brand and form a meaningful connection with consumers. Video is an easily accessible medium that allows individuals to absorb a lot of information without them having to do anything.

Facebook Video’s Low Cost, High Reward Payout

Facebook allows you to enter the video space affordably and efficiently. You can A/B test creative against audiences until you find a combination that resonates with consumers. Moreover, the engagement and retargeting abilities that video has on Facebook has been historically proven to be one of the most efficient ways to acquire new customers and drive conversions.

Before you produce your video, you need to understand how it is going to be consumed. The vast majority of video views take place on mobile, and the attention span of mobile users is notoriously short. With Facebook autoplay, the consumer doesn’t even have to press play or have sound on to start absorbing your company mantra.

It’s no secret that mobile users like to scroll. Since 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound, having a seductive thumbnail image, enticing visuals and persuasive text are a must.

Understanding User Engagement Dropoff

Empirical consumer research indicates you typically have 3 seconds to grab your viewers attention before you lose them. Once you make it past the first 3 seconds, the real fun starts. Since the attention span of a goldfish has now surpassed that of the average Facebook user, we have to keep our videos extremely short – think around 15 seconds. There’s no time for introductions; we need to get straight to the pain points and CTA’s without forgoing quality. If you don’t have stunning graphics and tell a compelling story, expect ad recall to disappear faster than a Snapchat.

Facebook Retargeting Efforts

Once you have introduced your brand to consumers using a captivating video, it’s time to guide them down the sales funnel using video view retargeting. You can diversify your retargeting techniques based on how long a Facebook user has seen your video. While some people watched 25% of your video, others watched the entire thing. These consumers have varying levels of intent to purchase and should be retargeted in a way that reflects that.

If someone completed your video, they should be retargeted with a strong call to action since they have shown robust interest in your brand. On the other hand, those that watched 25% of your video have less intent and should be retargeted in a more passive way that develops their perception and leads them down the sales funnel.

They say an image is worth a thousand words, and there are thousands of images in every video. So that means a video is worth a try.

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