Time to Up Your Mobile Digital Marketing Game

By August 24, 2015Strategy

Strong mobile digital marketing strategies are more important than ever.

In a recent PriceWaterhouseCooper study 2014 saw a shift in online ad revenue from desktop search and banner ads to mobile. From 2013 to 2014 mobile ad spend increased by 76%. In Q1 2015 Mobile Share of Paid Search Spend Hits 32%

According a 2015 Q1 Merkle report phones and tablets combined to produce 32% of paid search spend in Q1 2015, up from 27% a year earlier. Phones produced 10.5% of spend, while tablets produced 21.4%. Phone clicks are still coming at a heavy discount compared to desktop and tablet clicks, resulting in phones producing a far lower share of spend than clicks.

Mobile devices accounted for 45% of all organic traffic in Q1, up from 34% in Q1 of last year. iPad share of organic search slipped two points in Q1 year over-year, while Android and iPhone shares increased six and 5.5 points year-over-year, respectively. Mobile devices outside of iOS and Android devices are showing life, accounting for 1.9% of organic traffic compared to just 0.3% last year. The changing ways that the consumer conducts organic search has directly impacted the way we do business. In the last two years, at Hawke Media, your outsourced CMO, we have been focusing on  helping companies create mobile marketing strategies to solve the most complex issues of the day.

It is time to focus on developing a true mobile marketing strategy. A good place to start is to improve your mobile UX, design mobile friendly emails, enhance your mobile functionality and start testing your mobile Facebook ads, paid search text ads, Google and Bing product listing ads as well as retargeting display ads. However, your game plan should be so much more. Without a mobile strategy, your business will left behind.

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