Tips to Boost Product Sales Through E-Commerce Email Marketing

Email marketing, being one of the most lucrative channels, holds a lot of opportunity for e-commerce sites. Even so, many sites that do e-commerce email marketing should and could be doing a lot more to increase product sales.

One of the first steps to increasing revenue is the implementation of abandoned cart emails and emails incentivizing customers who have purchased to write a review. Collecting these third-party validations allows sites to leverage the content to convert leads who may be considering making a purchase, but are on the fence. Similarly, abandoned carts are a very dependable and easy way to increase revenue because customers who abandon their carts have a very high purchase intent.

Ultimately, the core of bringing in more sales through email marketing is knowing and collecting data on your customer base. That is, an e-commerce store that is sending emails to their whole list as opposed to segmenting out the list is not making nearly as many sales. When segmenting an email list and targeting people with campaigns based on their level of activity, you will see much more engagement and increased revenue from increased products sales. For example, if after segmenting your list, you see that there are a lot of “dormant” users, a series of emails sent with potential incentives should be focused on reactivating those “dormant” users.

Successful email marketing also requires tracking each campaign and staying organized. Many digital marketers neglect to plan ahead for the holiday season and other holidays throughout the year. A few targeted emails leading up to a holiday often prove to bring in more revenue than an email sent a few days before or on a holiday. Planning ahead is crucial to email marketing in order to best target customers at the right time with the right cadence and copy. This is why spending the time to create a promotional calendar for an e-commerce site really pays off in the end.

Finally, in order to understand what works for your company and what gets people to purchase your products at a higher frequency, it is crucial to constantly A/B test everything from subject lines to content and even send times. Email is data driven and in order to understand your consumer and what drives them to open and click through an email, it is crucial to A/B test. For example, you could split test the effect of one call-to-action in an email versus two.

It’s time to start your e-commerce email marketing!

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