Tweet Tweet, There’s a Twitter update

By October 17, 2016Social Media

A couple of months ago, Twitter announced that they would soon be implementing a few important changes that would affect the way we communicate on the social platform. Although we’re still chained by the 140-character limit, the new Twitter update gives those 140 characters a bit more bandwidth. Now that the updates have been put into effect, we wanted to address: What’s new and what does this mean for you or your business?

Media attachments don’t count against you 

If you attached a photo to your tweet, Twitter used to dock off characters for the image. Now you are able to utilize all 140 characters with an image attached. Tweets with images have much higher engagement than their text-only counterparts. Images are eye-catching, luring the ever-so-distracted user to stop scrolling and read what you have to say. Take advantage of this new update by incorporating more visual content into your social media strategy, but remember to use high-quality photos or infographics with purposeful, concise messaging.

So long “@” convention

Tag a company handle in your Tweet and it would count against your character count. Now the “@” convention will no longer count toward the 140-character limit. So gone are the days when you’ll have to brainstorm how to shorten every word while still keeping your tweet understandable because no 1 wnts 2 c ths. Also, tweets that begin with a username will now reach all of your followers, so you could even nix the @username altogether – a big character saver. Twitter could probably lower their character count now and we wouldn’t notice the difference. Just kidding, Twitter, just kidding.

It’s all about you now

Have you ever shared a tweet and wished you could retweet it? Now that “pinning” a tweet to the top of your feed isn’t enough, the Twitter update is enabling users to easily retweet or quote tweet past messages. Jokes asides, this feature will be beneficial for anyone discussing a product, event or promotion in advance and wanting to continually update followers without repurposing the same message. Or, if you have an important tidbit of information that might’ve gone unnoticed, you can quote tweet yourself with a new update.

Ah, the frustration of the little negative red number. We’re welcoming this Twitter update with open arms. Tweet away!

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