Why Is Twitter Important in Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Twitter is continuing to be a necessary social media network to be on if you own a business or are an industry influencer. Twitter is a great way to promote your content, connect with others in your industry, and gain leads.

As many new businesses, or even as a business that is established but isn’t too familiar with Twitter, starting out can be difficult. So many people are telling you different things about what you should tweet, who you should retweet, blah, blah, blah. Many of our clients come in worried saying their friends told them Twitter is dead and they shouldn’t be on it and should be on Instagram instead and other things of the like. Don’t listen to them! Twitter is very much alive and can be very beneficial for your business. It is becoming a platform that is very engaged with reading, but engaging with posts is becoming harder.

There’s a fine line when it comes to what to tweet. Do you tweet all of your content all the time or tweet other people? How about 70 percent of your content and 30 percent of external content?  These are very important questions and what you decide will shape how people view your brand on Twitter and other social media.

It’s also important that you figure out exactly how you want to use Twitter. Are you using it as a media outlet or promotional? Are you using it for customer service? Having a goal of how you want to use your Twitter account will help customers know. An example of this is Chase Bank. They use their account for customer service and regular use. There are no promotional conversations going on.

Twitter is a great marketing tool for all brands, but learning how to use it correctly and in tune with your goal is what drives the success of it specifically for you.

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