Two New Updates to Facebook Lead Ads Have Arrived

In its continued effort to provide advertisers with the most effective tools to reach prospective customers, Facebook has updated their lead ad unit, which, while still only several months old, has already become a favorite amongst advertisers whose primary focus is lead generation.  Below, I have listed two new updates that are intended to allow advertisers to reach customers on desktop, since initially Lead Ads were limited to mobile placements, also to ensure that leads received are of the highest quality possible.

The Context Card

Since the likelihood that a customer will sign up for a newsletter or quote increases as more information is provided, Facebook Lead Ads now provides advertisers with the option to include a custom context card that will be shown to users who click on an ad before they reach the form that you’ve created. This allows you to provide valuable information that will inform potential customers of what they’re getting by signing up or requesting more information, which inherently increases the quality of the leads you’re receiving. It’s also worth noting that lead ads are now available in the carousel format — which is highly recommended — and can be used in tandem with the newly launched context cards.

At Hawke Media, overall, we have found Lead Ads to be a success with both our internal marketing and client accounts. Drastically lowering our Cost Per Lead (CPL) and increasing the number of leads received, further evidence to their success has been provided through a test done with theSkimm, a daily newsletter provider, which saw their lead quality improve by 22% after including context cards.

Facebook Lead Ads Come To Desktop

In the beginning, Facebook Lead Ads were only available on mobile devices. Now, with the expansion to desktop placements, advertisers can now reach customers on any device, effectively widening their reach and allowing optimization measures to be decided after testing both desktop and mobile options. In order to best judge where advertising dollars should be allotted, the use of ad reporting to segment and compare placements is highly recommended. Since there’s not a one-size-fits-all option, it’s very likely you’ll find that one placement type outperforms the other.

Well, that’s the rundown on the latest features to come to Facebook’s Lead Ad unit. Remember to subscribe to the Hawke Media Newsletter to stay informed on changes in the digital marketing landscape.

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