Virtual Reality isn’t a Buzzword, it’s Changing the Digital Landscape

By September 26, 2016Content Marketing

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality might be the hottest buzzwords right now, and for good reason – they’re poised to shake up a lot of the ways we connect and distribute information. Technological advances have made VR and AR more realistic than ever.

If you’re unaware, VR and AR are 3D, computer generated worlds where you can explore and interact with them. The idea is that they don’t just show you a place, you get to experience it without ever leaving the couch.

The great thing is that the doors are open to using the technology in new and exciting ways, especially as it relates to digital marketing.

In fact, the Golden State Warriors used VR to help sell the idea of San Francisco and the team to Kevin Durant when he became a free agent earlier this year, according to USA Today. Using VR goggles, the team showed Durant what it was like at practice, inside the locker room, and around the town – talk about a good sell!

But it’s not just limited to landing an NBA player. Here’s how three companies have used VR to connect to consumers:

  • NBC & Rio Olympics: Samsung Gear VR didn’t just let you see the games, you got to experience them – everything from a 360-degree view of performers at the ceremonies to being on the court during the men’s basketball finals. NBC offered more than 100 hours of VR coverage of seven sports as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • Gulfstream: At the 2015 National Business Aviation Association conference in Las Vegas, the aircraft manufacturer let attendees tour the inside of a G650 using custom VR goggles they handed out. The high-quality video and audio narration let potential customers experience the aircraft without ever stepping a foot inside.
  • Marriott: The hotel chain partnered with a VR studio to create a “revolutionary 4D experience” that teleports the user from the hotel to another destination. Using the Oculus Rift, heaters, and wind jets within a booth, the campaign took consumers at Marriott hotels in New York City and London on a tour around the world to experience the sights, sounds, and even weather, of a far-off destination.

As these examples show, the opportunities are endless and you’re only limited by your own imagination when it comes to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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