Voice Search and Mobile Marketing—Say What?

By February 24, 2017Strategy

The voice of the future is already here. Astonishingly, Google’s voice recognition is now capable of recognizing our voices with 95 percent accuracy. With a surge in voice searches on mobile devices and an influx of in-home devices such as Amazon’s Echo, the handsfree era of marketing is upon us.

Voice search may have started as a faint whisper when it started out as a “statistical zero” in 2015, but the tone has quickly escalated to a roar in two short years. While voice search is predominantly utilized for personal actions such as texting and making calls, the usage is starting to spread and is certainly giving marketers something to talk about.

It looks like 2017 is primed to be disrupted in a major way by voice search, so how can marketers take advantage of the emerging trend? As the world of mobile marketing continues to rely on an influx of consumer data, voice search is a gold mine.

The increasing spike of voice search correlates directly to an influx of new information regarding user habits and intent. Simply put, people do not search with voice in the same way we search on a keyboard.

Local search, for example, will see far more qualitative data if location is enabled. The golden ticket here is if the user mutters the words “near me” at the end of any search query. If someone is in the mood for some spicy food, they may say “Thai restaurants near me.” This shows that the searcher is looking for a local business and the search results shown will reflect that. Voice searches are three times more likely to be localized meaning that companies optimizing for local search and mobile will have a much easier time climbing up the rankings for voice searches.Expect voice search to yield more long-tailed search keywords that reflect natural speech tendencies which will result in increasing amounts of contextual, relevant information that paints a better picture of user needs and intent.

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