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By February 15, 2016Creative

There are a number of skills and a combination of minds that must collaborate and work together to create the perfect website.  As a graphic designer and someone who works in close collaboration with website developers on a daily setting at Hawke Media, I have learned that the combination of a crafty developer and a well thought out design must mesh well for the overall website development to be great.

The site build starts with site mapping and sketching before anything hits the computer. After the sitemap is done, I begin designing a site to scale on Adobe Photoshop. This process not only delivers good design and layout, but it also portrays constant thought of how the design will optimally respond to all screen sizes and reveal how the consumer navigates to a service or product. Failed sites are a result of users getting lost and not understanding how to navigate the design.  For service-based companies, it is important to call out their service within the first 1500 pixels of the landing page. This way, a user will easily understand what the service is and how it pertains to them. A shopping cart site has more flexibility with design, especially as it pertains to apparel brands, but still needs a strong call-to-action and a successful design to lead a customer to the product pages and points of sale.

Following the trend of simple sites with large background images and leveraged storytelling will create stickiness; meaning consumers will continue to visit and re-visit your site.  It’s fun to include animations within a site, but always keep in mind that some web platforms have file size restrictions on video assets.  Another tip to keep in mind when thinking about doing an animated landing page is IOS and Android have data streaming restrictions.  What does this mean?  Viewing a site on a mobile phone or tablet will require data usage to reach the site and play the animation.  The streaming restrictions will kick in, and the phone will not allow a site to use a viewer’s data to source its animations. Not all of us have unlimited data quite yet. My suggestion and solution is to use an animation on desktop, then design static graphics for mobile and tablet.  Within the code of the site, you then have to tell the site to show the static images past a certain screen size so that it cuts the animation and sources the static images. This solution has been proven to work and be successful for any website build.

Creating a sleek, simple and sexy design while coding a website are two separate beasts, and when they combine to the highest quality,  you will find that your clients are generally more happy with the outcome. At Hawke Media, we hold ourselves to a high standard and expect the best work to be created when we face any design problem.

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