Hawke Media Presents

More than Just Sales: Driving Loyalty over the Holidays

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Thursday October 17, 2019
10:00am PST

Hawke and Klaviyo team up to give you the tips you need to drive long term value and retention during the holidays.

Join us as we review cautionary tales and best in class holiday campaigns that have not only delivered record sales, but have also helped to solidify branding and turn holiday buyers into lifetime customers.

Join Our Speakers As They...

Identify your ideal holiday consumer

Uncover the value and impact of segmentation

Explore real life examples of how we increased lifetime retention and customer value

Brought To You In Collaboration With
Alex Epner

Associate Director of Lifecycle Marketing, Hawke Media

I've worked with brands in dozens of industries to help them create, scale, and optimize their customer lifecycles to improve retention.

Amanda Smith

Manager of Channel Customer Success, Klaviyo

Amanda is a customer success leader in Klaviyo's Agency Partner Program. With years of hands-on experience with all aspects of marketing including email, seo, automation, and paid social - she loves to leverage her expertise to help agencies and customers see success by growing their businesses with the Klaviyo platform.