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Octane AI & Conversational Ads

Tuesday October 1st 12:00pm PST

Want to know how to maximize revenue for your eCom storefront in Q4? With this guide on how to integrate Octane AI & conversational ads in your digital marketing efforts, you'll be driving record revenue and returns in no time. This webinar covers Day 0 launch processes with Octane, best practices to drive revenue, and developing conversational content for both driving revenue and enhancing customer service.

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Join Alex Kyle, Paid Social Media Manager, Hawke Media to learn:

Onboarding Processes and Day 0 implementation best practices

Creating Conversational Content

Best Practices for Integrating Octane efforts into an existing Facebook strategy

Sponsored Messages for Revenue Generation

Featured Presenter

Alex Kyle

Paid Social Media Manager

Alex is a digital marketing professional with over 9 years experience. He has worked with such brands as Pinterest, DC Comics, Hulu, HBO, Kia Motors, and more. Presently, he works at Hawke developing the case for conversational ads for SMB Facebook Clients.