The Future of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising in 2016 was never boring—and 2017 promises to continue in its evolution. There were some interesting developments in the PPC landscape (goodbye right-side text ads, hello expanded text ads). Improvements to Pay-Per-Click advertising were beneficial to marketers using Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and other social networks. The next series of improvements in the PPC marketplace will continue to help marketers drive relevant traffic, generate valuable leads and deliver higher conversion rates.

We naturally expect developments from Google and Facebook, but marketers across the board are expecting big changes on the horizon.

Marketplace Specialists Have Bold Expectations:

Patrick Hutchison, Search Product Marketing Manager, Marin Software – Google and Facebook will continue their reign as king and queen of digital marketing. It’s estimated that the pair will capture $0.73 of each additional $1.00 of digital ad spend.

John Lee, Bing Ads Senior Manager, Client Training & Development, Microsoft – The next year is going to feel a lot like 2016. There will be plenty of buzz around voice search in 2017. Mobile will no longer be “on the rise” – it will simply be a dominant factor in the marketing mix in 2017. Shopping will get the vast majority of the press in the digital advertising industry while B2B advertisers drop millions across search, display and social and reap the rewards.

Diane Sidden, Regional BlueKai Audience Manager, Cisco – The PPC expanded ad formats need to be a focus of the modern marketer. Many companies have already taken advantage of this – and rightfully so. Studies have shown increases in CTR of up to 20 percent, and with the expanded ad format now device independent, you don’t have to create specific ads for mobile anymore – one ad fits all! As PPC advertisers move to ETAs (all AdWords users must transition by the end of January 2017), it will be critical to continually review and optimize content. Using real-time call-to-actions and relevant site links will be critical to PPC success.

Bruce Swann, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Adobe – The biggest trend marketers should focus on with remarketing is constantly raising the bar of the consumer experience. For remarketing to be successful, marketers must provide a thoughtful, relevant and timely message across all channels.

In summary, these are headlines, topics, and themes you should be monitor closely:

  • Voice search
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Continue with super strong CTA’s

Be ready to pivot in messaging and make your offers timely!


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