You’ve developed your product, figured out your pricing structure, and identified who your customer is – so all you need is to build a website and they’ll come, right?

Not quite. In the last workbook, you answered the most fundamental questions pertaining to your business:


What problems do you address?
What solutions do you provide?


Who is your competition and
Why are you better than them?


How do you make money? What
will people pay for your product?


Who is your customer? Why
will they buy your product?

In this workbook, we’ll use the knowledge you gained by answering those four points to define your brand. Once your brand is defined, you can begin applying your “branding” to your business, particularly your website. We’ll address what makes a well-branded website, how technical issues (such as slow load time) can inhibit your brand, and also how good branding on a website can help people not only understand your product better, but also picture themselves with that product.

Finally, we’ll look at how to build out the right acquisition and retention strategy using a variety of different channels – both digital and traditional.