As the retail landscape continues to change with shoppers abandoning brick-and-mortar stores for the online shopping experience, it is imperative that brands continue to evolve and go where their customers are. This means diving into the world of eCommerce.

Before you begin, it’s important to address four questions:


What problems do you address?
What solutions do you provide?


Who is your competition and
Why are you better than them?


How do you make money? What
will people pay for your product?


Who is your customer? Why
will they buy your product?

In this white paper, we’ll take a look at HeadCloud — a cloud-based photo storage platform trying to compete with the likes of Dropbox, iCloud and Adobe — as a case study demonstrating the importance of all of the above at the end of this workbook. Through their partnership with Hawke Media, HeadCloud was able to pivot their business and begin connecting with their actual customer (not who they perceived to be their customer). They adjusted their site, messaging, public relations, and advertising efforts accordingly and were recently acquired for an eight figure sum.