Why Every Business Should Utilize Influencer Marketing

How many ads do you think you came across today? How many of those do you actually remember? Unless you’re one of the select few who have eidetic memory, chances are you chose single digit answers for both.

Typical consumers see countless ads every day, across a huge array of channels, but they’ve become indifferent to it. Remember the ad for the upcoming movie on the bus stop display, the window sign at Denny’s, the car insurance ad on the radio, the automobile injury attorney ad on the back of the bus, the vending machine in your office lobby, or even the Starbucks cup sitting on top of your coworker’s desk right now? The chances of a small business putting out ads and cutting through all that noise are slim.

The solution? Influencer Marketing.

So what’s an influencer? It’s just what their name suggests. Influencers are looked up to by many followers as a trusted source in their particular segment such as fashion, technology, cooking, etc. Their opinions matter! So when they express their thoughts, their audience listens. At the end of the day influencer marketing is just word-of-mouth. For example, you won’t know the difference between two different vacuums because they all have the same specifications; however, if your friend, who you trust, raves about how great their Dyson is, you’ll be encouraged to get a Dyson because of the reassurance by a trusted source.

Word-of-mouth, with the absence of technology, has been the people in your circle. But technology has changed all that. It’s begun to burst the traditional social models. Before buying something, we’ll Google it and look at reviews because no matter how much a company claims how great it is, they don’t have that relationship with their consumers. By having an influencer create content with your brand’s message, you’re able to build equity with potential customers more quickly and effectively.

I’m certain that sometime in your life, you’ve heard someone say, “Oh! My friend told me that movie was great,” or something to that extent. Although they never experienced the movie themselves, they’re still spreading the word that the movie was great. More often than not, you’ll probably mention that you’ve heard the movie was great when someone mentions the movie. Influencers will have this same effect with your brand!

It’s much more cost effective than putting out ads—like the ones you couldn’t recall earlier—since influencer marketing allows a company to create a highly targeted campaign. Companies are able to focus on specific segments such as interests and age groups, rather than just targeting everybody, who your brand probably doesn’t even pertain. Some people say that influencer marketing is just social proof, but they’re only half correct. Influencer marketing metrics can be measured to a certain degree with the advancement of technology. Direct response CAN be gauged with tools like Google Analytics, and social proof is a benefit that comes along with direct response.

Still not convinced? Have any questions? Send me an email at david@hawkemedia.com and I’ll be more than happy to explain more about Influencer Marketing and its benefits.

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