Why Squarespace Is Better Than You Think

By January 7, 2016Creative

As a front-end developer at Hawke Media I am often asked, “What do you think about Squarespace?” or, “Should I use Squarespace?” As you can tell, it has come to the point where I am just going to put my answer in writing. I like Squarespace, and yes I recommend using the Squarespace platform over WordPress or Shopify.

Truth be told, I am a huge Squarespace fan. While I wish I was being paid by Squarespace to extoll its virtues, I’m not. Squarespace has built a platform that makes publishing mobile friendly and responsive website content quick and easy.  

WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. However, in non-tech language, WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management platform out there. That is due to its vast ecosystem of components, widgets, site builders and PHP magic. WordPress can be much, much more flexible than virtually all other CMS systems in existence.

It is against this vast WordPress ecosystem that Squarespace notches its greatest victory. Taking the same business strategy as Jet Blue, Squarespace argues that less is more. With Squarespace you have a single platform. Once you learn this platform you are good to go. You can add pictures, text blocks, buttons and maps almost consistently throughout the site. You can also customize this with the fairly intuitive user styling panel. Additionally, Squarespace has the capability to take multiple variations of each photo you upload to ensure all your images are mobile friendly and responsive. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to make a website.

For most people who want to quickly and efficiently publish content on a website that looks slick and is mobile friendly — my go-to is Squarespace. Individuals, e.g. authors, actors, poets, nutritionists, you name it, would fall under this category (as would many small businesses like law or dental firms) too.

To top it all off, Squarespace has a new logo generator that can quickly generate your business a fun logo that you can then upload to your site header for FREE.  No need to pay a designer $500 – $3000 for a site logo when you are on a deadline.
So take it from me; If you’re looking for a simple website/content management system, Squarespace is the right choice.  If you are looking to continue building out your website then WordPress would be your better option.

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