YouTube Forecasts: 5 Upcoming Winds in 2017

How is your business doing in one of the biggest social networks in the world: YouTube? Predictions keep coming in, and that means your business might need an extra push to keep up with the upcoming trends to stand out. Below are some YouTube forecasts that might make all the difference in your strategy:

1) YouTube solidifies its status on social networks.

This social network has often been identified as the home of funny videos on the internet.  The companies that recognize YouTube as a search engine and as a content engine take advantage of the platform as a place to upload videos but focus their social efforts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

YouTube, though, now allows creators to communicate with their followers and channel viewers in a variety of ways. With the addition of a few features such as a status update via photo, people who now want to connect better with a video-obsessed audience will see YouTube as a social network and not just as a video platform.

2) Quality over quantity.

Five years ago, YouTube opened their partner program to everyone, and the trend was to create the maximum of content with the hope of building more followers and views. To combat saturation, content creators on YouTube will no longer be able to turn on monetization until a 10,000-lifetime view hit on their channel.

With that said, this new threshold will most likely increase the relevant and educational content on YouTube and time will tell how a rising generation of creators respond to these new limitations. Companies will need to focus on giving their followers quality content as this will bring a greater return on investment and more opportunities to increase their presence in the long run.

3) YouTube integrates software partners to improve broadcast quality.

YouTube is seeking to acquire a broadcast software company like Telestream (which makes Wirecast), Switcher Studio or Once that happens, it will be easier to produce high-quality, engaging videos. For example, Switcher Studio has already released a free iOS app that can be used to stream live on YouTube or Facebook—SwitcherGo.

It seems that no matter what, YouTube continues to have the strength of the digital future. Looking ahead, companies should make sure to plan a strategy that integrates “live video” along with written content.

4) Focus on the distribution of educational content.

Instead of the 30-second revenue videos that have invaded Facebook, success on YouTube will require companies to create deeper videos, 1 to 5 minutes, that answer the questions sought by their followers. Your YouTube channel should make your audience say, “Hm, I have learned something!”

Professionals can find inspiration on YouTube channels like Screen Junkies and BuzzFeed Video, whose videos are often fun, mostly informative, and all have a creative “outside of the box” hint. Even if you offer a financial service or a furniture company, your videos can and should do more than publicizing the services or benefits of your product.

5) Increased socialization features will improve interaction on YouTube.

We can start predicting that YouTube will “copy” the cross-communication elements (sharing buttons, etc.) from other social networks to help “YouTuber companies” attract, retain and further engage their fans in the channel. Also, with average interactions increasing, an exponential growth in the number of daily vlogs is predicted. We believe that a consistent, useful, and short live video will be even more engaging than a traditional video.

Since 2017 has already been proclaimed the year of video, now is the time to take these YouTube forecasts into consideration on your social strategy and ensure that you have a solid presence in place to create and start leveraging your video content.

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