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Grow Ecomm from 0% to 95% of Business

The Results

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Grew IG Followers


Scaled Ecommerce

from 0% to 95%

of overall revenue

Grew Email List


The Bullets

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Hawke Media Channels
  • Strategy
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Email
Our Solutions
  • Developed brand voice
  • Provided merchandising advice for new collections
  • Identified revenue opportunities and market gaps
  • Crafted marketing/content calendar
  • Launched targeted Facebook ads with new brand identity to generate brand awareness
  • Launched AdWords and Google Shopping campaigns to recapture awareness generated by Facebook ads
  • Developed a comprehensive email strategy, including foundational campaigns, behavior- and interest-based triggers, and weekly editorial content

The Details

(the devil’s in here, somewhere)

Frasier Sterling’s president and founder, Frasier Lipton, prides herself on making A-list caliber jewelry and accessories at accessible prices. Frasier Sterling Jewelry found initial success by gifting pieces to celebrities, driving retail and B2B sales. However, the brand had difficulty growing their ecommerce presence and brand identity.

After struggling to find an agency that understood her vision, Frasier came to Hawke Media for Strategy, Facebook Ads, and Email Marketing. Hawke’s outsourced CMOs powered Frasier Sterling’s successful entry to ecommerce by guiding the evolution of the brand’s voice, providing merchandising advice for new collections, identifying revenue opportunities and market gaps, and crafting a marketing calendar with content and promotions.

Meanwhile, Hawke’s Facebook advertising experts designed an ad strategy that targeted audiences at a granular level with Frasier Sterling’s new brand identity. Awareness grew quickly among consumers, and, seeing a similar opportunity in paid search, Hawke’s search engine marketing team developed AdWords and Google Shopping campaigns to increase awareness among wholesalers and recapture searches generated by the Facebook campaigns.

The third pillar in Hawke’s plan included capitalizing on quality site traffic with a carefully structured email game plan that included foundational campaigns, behavior- and interest-based triggers, and weekly editorial content that reflected trending collections, celebrity influence, and top-selling products. Frasier Sterling’s email list grew by over 2,000% over 14 months, driving 13% of overall site revenue through its welcome series and achieving an impressive drip series open rate of 35.9%.

Ultimately, Frasier’s direct-to-consumer business grew to account for 95% of overall sales with significant revenue growth and no celebrity placement. Hawke’s three-pronged approach to establishing brand identity, building awareness, and scaling revenues helped bring home the bling for this millennial-favorite jewelry upstart.

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