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About Hawke

Founded in 2014, Hawke Media is a full-service digital marketing agency formed by CEO Erik Huberman and COO Tony Delmercado. We've grown over 4,700 brands in diverse industries.
A team of marketing experts and partners that have contributed to hundreds of award-winning campaigns, recognized as Inc 5000 fastest growing company 5 times and have generated over $2.9B in revenue for our clients. We don't just accelerate growth, we define excellence.
We have integrated 12 agencies that have contributed meaningfully to Hawke Media's culture and growth. You will be welcomed like one of our own.

The Hawke Family

Hawke Ventures logo

Early-stage venture fund that invests $50k-$2M in consumer companies and technology that powers consumer companies. We focus on growing US-based companies earning $20K-$100K in monthly revenue, are in the pre-seed or seed stage and have gained quantifiable traction in their market. Hawke Ventures co-invests alongside prominent angel and venture capital lead investors.

Hawke Capital logo

Revenue-based financing that allows the brands that Hawke Media works with to communicate how much funding they need, and then an analytic engine will generate capital offers for them within 24 hours. With no interest rates, penalties, or personal guarantees, there will be one simple fee, and there will be no equity stakes or warrants, allowing brands to keep ownership while they grow their businesses.

Hawke AI logo

An AI-enabled CMO, an automated marketing strategy, and an insights tool. Hawke AI is the outcome of combining Hawke Media’s data, insights, and product roadmap with Morphio, an acquired Canadian-based MarTech platform.

Hawke's Founders

Erik Huberman
Erik Huberman | CEO & Co-Founder

Erik Huberman is the CEO, as well as one of the founders, of Hawke Media. Prior to Hawke, Erik founded, grew and sold two successful ecommerce companies. Huberman is the recipient of numerous awards including Forbes “30Under30,” Inc. Magazine’s “Top 25 Marketing Influencers,” and Best in Biz North America’s “Marketing Executive of the Year.” A regular contributor to major publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and CS Q, Huberman is also a well-known keynote speaker.

Tony Delmercado
Tony Delmercado | President & Co-Founder

Tony Delmercado is the President and Co-Founder at Hawke Media. Prior to Hawke, he helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for multiple companies, including Fame Wizard, Inc., World Business Academy and Vector Marketing, through his leadership roles in business development, marketing and operations. He also founded and operated, a tax management platform for independent contractors. Delmercado’s dedication, passion and leadership has helped propel the growth and success of Hawke.

Seeking Acquisitions



Demonstrated track record of robust organic growth supported by a proven results-driven management team. To date, Hawke Media has successfully integrated 12 strategic acquisitions to:

  • Add new business lines
  • Expand Hawke’s geographic presence
  • Provide stability to ambitious founders and their employees



With a refined a professionalized acquisition process exercising the utmost efficiency and confidentiality, Hawke Media is looking to partner with additional agencies with attractive characteristics.


Marketing Strategy
Ad & Graphic Design
Website Development
Email Marketing
Media Buying Management
Data Intelligence
Public Relations
Influencer Management
Photo & Video Production
CDP Implementation

Featured Acquisitions

JAN 2018
Execute LA logo
Execute LA
Increase market share with early-stage and growth-focused digital marketing
NOV 2019
Artemis Digital Marketing logo
Artemis Digital Media
Increase service portfolio, adding affiliate marketing
DEC 2019
Trident Growth Partners logo
Trident Growth Partners
Expand into Northeastern US with clients of complementary services
FEB 2021
Media Buyers logo
Increase service portfolio, adding print media
AUG 2021
Seriously Creative logo
Seriously Creative
Increase service portfolio, adding web development
AUG 2022
Morphio logo
Add AI MarTech platform, solidifying Hawke.AI
JUN 2023
Tribute Media logo
Tribute Media
Expand into Midwestern US with clients of complementary services
NOV 2023
Lone Fir Creative logo
Lone Fir Creative
Expand into Northwestern US with clients of complementary services and CRM expertise
DEC 2023
Expand into Midwestern US, adding personal branding
MAR 2024
Social Thrive logo
Social Thrive
Further expand into Northeastern US with clients of complementary services

Reach Out

Josh Springer
Josh Springer
As the Head of Corporate Development / M&A, Josh leads the team responsible for Hawke Media’s acquisitions. He joined Hawke in the summer of 2020, tasked with developing the internal M&A engine and scaling inorganic growth. Prior to joining Hawke, Josh spent several years with a boutique M&A advisory firm, managing deals for mid-market private equity funds and strategic investors.
Scott Kunihiro
Scott Kunihiro
Scott Kunihiro joined the Hawke M&A team in 2023. Prior to Hawke, he sourced 30 transactions, deploying $1+ billion over 3 years in M&A advisory through his leadership roles in business development and operations.
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