The Sill

The Sill came to Hawke hoping to plant the seeds for aggressive revenue growth with search and social ads.

Some of our best work

Getty Museum Store - Cover Image

Getty Store

When public spaces temporarily closed in 2020, the museum store came to Hawke Media to expand its reach without foot traffic.

412 Surfjack Shop - Graphics

Surfjack Shop

Hawke Media found innovative ways to boost this beachy brand’s online store’s SMS ROI by 21.4 percent.

crocs cover graphic


Hawke Media took a grassroots approach to Curateur’s affiliate marketing strategy, resulting in a 95% increase in revenue in a single month..

crocs cover graphic


Iconic show brand Crocs wanted a viral influencer campaign. The company leveraged HawkeZ, a team led by and created for Gen Z, from Hawke Media.

City Mattress Cover Graphic

City Mattress

Bank Journal Logo

Banks Journal

Hawke Media established automated SMS flows and increased campaign cadence to generate an 1864% ROI. Find out how.

evcon benzinga branding case study

EV Con, Powered by Benzinga

Hawke Media collaborated with media company Benzinga to create branding for its electric vehicle conference that would set it apart from competitors.

ZIIP Beauty

360 Cookware

Cookware 360 helps virtually anyone become an exceptional home chef with efficient cookware and bakeware that brings joy to the kitchen.

Localish Logo


A surf apparel company whose brand and products seek to inspire inclusivity.
Formula 10.0.6

Formula 10.0.6

A 4th generation, family-owned company.
UB Tech

UB Tech

The global leader in intelligent humanoid robots.
Tamara Mellon Logo

Tamara Mellon

A new line driven by female empowerment and impeccable sense of style.
Beach Bunny Logo

Beach Bunny

A high-end swimwear company that is known for their quality materials and collaborations with celebrities and influencers.
Freedom Rave Wear Logo

Freedom Rave Wear

Freedom Rave Wear is an online festival fashion store, featuring eye-catching ensembles of clothing, merch, and accessories.
Openpath Logo


Openpath is an access control company focused on redefining the entry experience at offices, corporate buildings, and for professionals everywhere. 

Vitalacy Logo


Vitalacy helps to prevent the transmission of infections by measuring and reporting on the state of hand hygiene compliance within the healthcare industry. 

Grotrax Logo


Grotrax is a budding lawn care product, offering all-in-one patented grass growing technology—on a roll. 

Core Med Science Logo

Core Med Science

Core Med Science produces supplements with unique chemical makeup that allows your body to more efficiently and quickly process nutrients
sleeping baby logo

Sleeping Baby

This family-owned maker of the Zipadee-Zip swaddle is, as their motto goes, “inspiring dreams one night at a time.”
Just Commission Advance logo

Just Commission Advance

Just Commission Advance’s funding platform is designed specifically for real estate agents. They understand the uncertain financial footing that many agents can find themselves in, and are here to help address that all too common problem.

Lumin Digital - Cover Image

Lumin Digital

Hawke Media refined this cloud-native brand’s presence by building content and media output, then ultimately guiding Lumin’s own internal marketing team.

Box Genie Logo

Box Genie

See how Hawke took this custom box brand’s email program from zero to 8,000 contacts. 

crocs cover graphic

Goat Milk Stuff

Hawke Media created a brand new revenue stream for GMS and saw an immediate increase in revenue of 1,000%.

good ranchers hawke media case study

Good Ranchers

Hawke Media delivers a hearty portion of conversions and increased revenue for this meat-box subscription service.

jam hawke media marketing strategy case study


JAM Group partnered with Hawke Media to help scale and future-proof a virtual events brand they launched at the beginning of the pandemic.

ZIIP Beauty

ZIIP Beauty

Handheld facial device brand ZIIP partnered with Hawke Media’s lifecycle marketing team to prep for a record-breaking holiday season.

person standing on street with kswiss shoes

K Swiss

One of the world’s largest makers of athletic shoes.
The Plug Logo

The Plug

Made from 100% natural ingredients.
Topo Designs Logo

Topo Designs

Makes backpacks, bags, and apparel for anywhere on your map.
Evite Logo


Evite is the world’s leading digital platform for bringing people together face-to-face.
Godotrip Logo

Go Do Trip

Go Do Trip is an all-in-one travel discovery, booking, and sharing site, dedicated to connecting its customers with the best travel experience at the best prices.
Vloom Logo


Voloom is the world’s first hair volumizing iron, was designed to add huge volume to hair.
Lorna Jane Logo

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is an Australian women’s activewear brand that has gained popularity for its ability to balance performance and style.
Papa & Barkley Logo

Papa & Barkley

Papa & Barkley is a CBD brand made up of a team of caregivers, scientists and professionals on a mission to unlock the power of cannabis to improve people’s lives.

Roses Only Logo

Roses Only

Roses Only is a premium long-stem rose delivery service that promises to deliver the best roses.
woman kicking leopard shoes off


Budberry is a prelaunch cannabis lifestyle experience, featuring a dispensary, cafe and lounge offering microdosed edibles by a celebrity chef in West Hollywood, CA..
CBD Living Logo

CBD Living

CBD Living is one of the fastest-growing global cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturers and distributors, with more than 70 products in 5000 stores and shipping to consumers worldwide. 

woman kicking leopard shoes off


Megafood is a vitamin and supplement company conscious of social responsibility. 

JJwinks Logo Image


JJwinks was co-created by two friends who were simply tired of not being able to find cute sleep or loungewear that didn’t require a bra or bulky insert. 

Seldens - Cover Image

Seldens Designer Home Furnishings

Seldens came to Hawke Media to utilize Lifecycle Marketing in order to boost showroom foot traffic. 

Alaskan Salmon - Cover Image

Alaskan Salmon Company

Hawke Media came on board to boost this popular seafood brand’s search engine presence and increase web traffic. 

crocs cover graphic


Hawke Media used email marketing to increase ANGLR’s new customer engagement and upgrade existing customers’ subscription tier.

AcuRite Hawke Media content case study


MLB all-star Marcus Stroman believes that height doesn’t measure heart, and his clothing brand captures that same spirit and confidence.

AcuRite Hawke Media content case study


Thanks to a strong content marketing strategy and solid execution, the forecast is bright for at-home weather technology provider AcuRite.

poler lifecycle case study


See how Hawke Media’s End of Season lifecycle marketing campaign boosted Poler Outdoor’s revenue.

kitchen craft hawke media lifecycle marketing case study

Kitchen Craft

After partnering with Hawke, Kitchen Craft generated 264%ROI in email revenue in just 4 months.

Tennis Pal Logo

Tennis Pal

Connecting the tennis community by pairing people up with a tennis partner.
Frasier Sterling Logo

Frasier Sterling

Frasier Sterling’s president and founder, Frasier Lipton, prides herself on making A-list caliber jewelry and accessories at accessible prices


Greenbox is an interactive, touch-screen-operated kiosk for use in dispensaries, designed to make the purchase of medical marijuana both easy and efficient.
Passion Planner Logo

Passion Planner

Passion Planner is your “paper life coach” – designed to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present.
SiO Logo

SiO Beauty

Former model and publicist turned entrepreneur Gigi Howard founded SiO Beauty to help women feel confident and beautiful at any age.
Swet Tailor Logo

Swet Tailor

Swet Tailor is a men’s fashion apparel line that makes tailored pants and jeans with the comfort of sweatpants.
WeRecover Logo


WeRecover is an online platform that helps people battling with substance abuse find recovery centers that fit their needs.
Nation LTD Logo

Nation LTD

Nation LTD is a women’s fashion brand “inspired by women who know there’s nothing sexier than the ultimate t-shirt.”
CBD Living Logo

Mint RX

MintRx Pharmacy is an all-in-one mail order pharmacy, online doctor’s office, and lab testing company. 

Barstool Sports Logo

Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports is a sports & pop culture blog covering the latest news and viral highlights of each and everyday with blogs, videos and podcasts. By the common man, for the common man.

James Capitol Advisor Logo

James Capitol Advisors

James Capital Advisors, Inc. (JCA) is a commercial real estate brokerage firm that specializes in net lease and multifamily investment sales throughout the U.S and is uniquely positioned to leverage California capital.

Diamondback Bikes Logo

Diamondback Bicycles

Diamondback Bicycles was founded as a BMX brand in 1977 by Western States Imports in Newbury Park, California.