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Case Study

James Capital Advisors

James Capital Advisors, Inc. (JCA) is a commercial real estate brokerage firm that specializes in net lease and multifamily investment sales throughout the U.S and is uniquely positioned to leverage California capital. Originally founded by  Mike James as “The James Group” in 2012, the firm rebranded to “James Capital Advisors” in  2018 and set out to develop the next  generation of real estate brokerage services. In the 18 months that followed, the firm experienced 400% growth and established a new flagship office in Los Angeles, CA.

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James Capital was seeking a marketing consultancy firm that had demonstrated the ability to build a holistic marketing plan capable of navigating the unique challenges that JCA faces in a highly-competitive market.



Goals were twofold:

  1. Recruit brokers, and
  2. Attract more clients to their portfolio.

Hawke was referred to JCA as a firm that’s uniquely qualified to craft a bespoke marketing plan that would enable JCA to exceed its short, mid, and long-range business goals of dominating the commercial real estate market in Los Angeles and beyond.


Contributing as both marketing experts and as de facto James Capital team members, Hawke leveraged their consultancy process to quickly discover existing roadblocks to business success. Then we crafted a customized structural reorganization of JCA’s internal resources to create efficiencies and leverage existing staff strengths. In particular, the CMO Consultancy helped optimize the JCA content production process by creating an SOP to be followed that leverages experiential activities as actionable (and capturable) content opportunities to be deployed across various organic and paid marketing channels, leading to both scalability and enhanced visibility of the brand.

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