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Client description goes here. What does the client do. What’s their business.

Client description goes here. What does the client do. What’s their business.


JJwinks was co-created by two friends who were simply tired of not being able to find cute sleep or loungewear that didn’t require a bra or bulky insert. They wanted modesty around their family members yet to feel attractive and stylish for their husbands or unexpected guests.

They kept asking each other, why do pajamas only come in two styles: sexy lingerie that can’t leave the bedroom or modest granny flannels that flatter absolutely no one? That’s how JJwinks was born.

Their tops and bottoms fit to flatter any age and any figure. Both are modest enough for surprise guests and comfy enough to catch a few winks. All in luxurious fabrics and made in Los Angeles.

It’s sleepwear meant to be lounged in any time of the day. Not sacrificing style at home in exchange for comfort and modesty.


JJwinks was hitting a roadblock in their Facebook marketing and was unsure of what additional marketing channels would be complimentary, how to revamp a previously successful Facebook ad account, and their overall customer journey.

With a small in-house team, JJwinks wanted to expand their marketing channel mix, understand how to scale responsibly, and boost the consistent 1.97x ROAS to a consistent 3X.


By starting at the foundation and ensuring their e-commerce site was conversion rate optimized, their messaging strategy was competitive, and looking at their core demographic’s digital and media behavior trends, we were able to expand our prospecting to high-quality audiences and build a successful omni-channel approach with Google’s Shopping and Search campaigns.

In month 1 of Engagement (Feb 13-March13), Hawke immediately began audits on low hanging fruit by executing:

  • A Competitive Analysis
  • A Branding & Messaging Strategy
  • A Website Audit
  • A Google Analytics Audit
  • A full Facebook Ad Account “facelift”.
  • A rebuild of evergreen prospecting and re-marketing campaigns.


After the suggested changes were implemented, their:

  • eCommerce bounce rate decreased 2%
  • Users increased 163%
  • New Users increased 165%
  • Sessions Increased 177%
  • Orders Increased 166%
  • AOV Increased 3%
  • Total Revenue Grew 194% ($196,634 from March 1- April 29 vs. $68,268.33 Dec 31-Feb 29)

The key to speaking to your core demographic, ensuring a seamless and efficient UX/UI experience, and using that as the foundation to determine how to expand your prospecting efforts, tighten your retargeting touchpoints and create a fluid and effective full-funnel strategy was the key to our success.

They have continually grown 100% in revenue since March, and April is their biggest month of sales to date.

All of these efforts together have helped JJwinks continue their mission to liberate “ta-ta’s” everywhere and give women more options with their stylish and comfortable sleep and loungewear.

Total Revenue Increase


Grew Orders


Increased New Users


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