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Case Study


JJwinks makes innovative loungewear that is classy and flattering, without sacrificing comfort. Where they lacked innovation was their digital marketing strategy, which seemed to have its most successful days in the rearview.

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JJwinks had seen success with former Facebook marketing campaigns, but that seemed to be stalling out. In addition to a Facebook campaign revamp, they wanted to expand their marketing channels, but weren’t sure which would compliment their brand and existing marketing. With only a small team in-house, they wanted to make sure they could scale responsibly, and ultimately boost their return on ad spend (ROAS), which had been sitting at around 1.97x to a consistent 3x. They hoped that with a focus on their digital marketing strategy, they could improve the entire customer journey.


With only a one-month contract at launch, Hawke Media went after the low-hanging fruit by putting together:

  • A competitive analysis report
  • An updated branding and messaging strategy
  • A website audit
  • A Google Analytics audit
  • A full Facebook Ad account facelift
  • A rebuild of evergreen prospecting and re-marketing campaigns

With this comprehensive strategy provided to JJwinks within the month, it was up to their small team to execute on the plans. All suggestions provided took the small team size into account.

JJwinks conversions graphic

JJwinks in-house team implemented the Hawke Media strategy right away, and saw immediate results. The first changes in consumer behavior were subtle, such as a bounce rate that decreased 2% or an average order value that increased 3%. More substantial stats rolled out quickly. The number of users on the site increased 163%; total sessions increased 177%. Even with a short term contract, Hawke Media was able to help JJwinks in their mission to give women more options for stylish and comfortable sleep and loungewear.

JJwinks results graphic