Influencer Campaign Increases Social Revenue and Web Traffic

Influencer Campaign Increases Social Revenue and Web Traffic

The Results

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The Bullets

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Hawke Media Channels
  • Influencer
Our Solutions
  • Engaged a mix of micro, mid-tier and macro influencers
  • Activated 1-2 campaigns each month with 9-15 confirmed influencers

The Details

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Nation LTD is a women’s fashion brand “inspired by women who know there’s nothing sexier than the ultimate t-shirt.” They came to Hawke seeking to grow their social presence and increase traffic from social platforms in an organic way.

Our influencer marketing team sought to find authentic influencers in the fashion and lifestyle space to expand Nation LTD’s current audience and ultimately lead potential customers to their social channels and website. We executed by activating one or two campaigns each month with nine to fifteen confirmed influencers, including a mix of micros, mid-tiers and macros.

As a result, Nation LTD saw 8x growth in revenue from social media and a 67% increase in web traffic from social platforms, with the added bonus of an 8% increase in Instagram followers.

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