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SkyFi harnesses cutting-edge technology to give people access to high-resolution satellite imagery at custom times and locations. Hawke Media helped create a go-to-market strategy in time for launch.

SkyFi cover graphic

SkyFi offers a unique product with which many potential customers would be unfamiliar. It came to Hawke to help define ideal buyer personas, coordinate messaging, and position the brand well before launch.

Businesses may use the SkyFi product to research agriculture, real estate, and the like. Everyday customers would use the service to plan recreational trips or commemorate a special occasion. The brand wanted to appeal to both markets with unified messaging. Hawke Media worked with the SkyFi team to develop:

  • Brand Positioning and Voice
  • Buyer Personas

Hawke built a positioning framework that would serve as the foundation for all future branding and language. In a succinct outline, Hawke established a mission statement and defined the target audience, the unique value proposition, and several traits that would humanize the brand.

Since SkyFi put the power of satellite technology in the pockets of its users, the voice was established as a cool, approachable expert who was transforming an industry from the outside.

SkyFi brand guide pages

Hawke analyzed the “core ingredients” of the brand to refine the SkyFi buyer persona. Those components included company culture, product value, primary customer goals, and more.

Hawke established a detailed buyer persona that explored the age, occupation, and personality of the ideal customer. By diving deep into the customer’s goals, income, and motivations, SkyFi was able to elevate marketing copy and outreach methods.

For the B2B side, Hawke Media identified eight industry types and ranked them in order of relevance to the product. Use cases, FAQs, and image assets on the website were selected to appeal to these industries.

SkyFi persona