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Case Study

Summer Solace Tallow

Summer Solace didn’t know how to implement an SEO strategy, but the brand knew analytics weren’t where they needed to be. 

Summer Solace cover graphic

Summer Solace Tallow is a health and beauty brand that preaches the benefits of tallow in your skincare routine. The founder had big plans for brand growth, but knew the first step needed to focus on the website’s cornerstone: its organic content. Hawke Media implemented a 90-day game plan that proved that even if you’re intimidated by SEO, optimizing a few basics can make a huge difference in revenue.


The brand did not have a clear set of keywords targeted at the start of its contract with Hawke, but a few obvious terms like “tallow” showed clear potential. We began with a full keyword research project to find SEO opportunities. Next, we updated all the metadata across the site to be more friendly to search engines. We rewrote the intro copy for all product category pages to include more keywords. We completely overhauled the site’s “Benefits of Tallow” page to make it a leading driver of traffic to the site, and then further developed that content strategy by developing a blog game plan designed to answer customers’ questions. 

At only 60 days of implementation, the site saw a 10% increase in organic traffic.