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December 13, 2021 - By Dawn Allcot

11 Resources for Today’s Entrepreneurs

Two resources often in short supply for entrepreneurs are time and money. We can “buy” time by spending money, or save money by putting in time. But the most successful entrepreneurs find smart ways to maximize both by using the best business resources they can find. 

The Hawke Media team compiled this list of the best resources for entrepreneurs in any field. These organizations and other business resources can provide the information, inspiration, and education you need to achieve your vision of success. 

Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

The Young Entrepreneur Council is an organization of vetted entrepreneurs that provides a range of business resources, from conferences and other networking opportunities to a concierge service and elite travel program that can help you feel like a Fortune 500 owner even if you’re still bootstrapping your organization. 

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) 

Launched 25 years ago as the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the EO has evolved to meet the needs of both budding and experienced entrepreneurs, and is recognized as the “premier, peer-to-peer global community, network, and resource for entrepreneurs.” With more than 60 chapters across 17 time zones, the EO offers live streaming events and knowledge sharing, as well as local events to help entrepreneurs make in-person connections. Mentorship programs, accelerators, and training sessions make this organization invaluable to entrepreneurs in every industry who want to reach the next stage of success. 


The YPO, or Young Presidents Organization, is a group of more than 30,000 chief executive officers spanning 142 countries. Its leaders generate a combined $9 trillion in revenue for their respective companies and employ 22 million people across the globe. Membership requirements are stringent, but if you qualify to join, you will gain access to life-changing experiences that can include your whole family. From outdoor adventures to team-building activities and community volunteer efforts, you will bond with your YPO family and strengthen your leadership skills. The YPO provides extensive high-value programs, many led by top-name public speakers, that can help you elevate your business and your life.  

Tiger 21 

Tiger 21 groups are local networking organizations created for high-net-worth individuals to learn how to become better stewards of their wealth. Most local groups are limited to 15 members, who become a board of directors for each other. But groups in the same area often meet to network, trade ideas, and grow. Tiger 21 promises a secure, intimate, and confidential environment to discuss challenges, ideas, and wealth-building topics. There is even an annual conference where global members can meet.


While many of the best resources for entrepreneurs offer ways to improve yourself or your business, the Summit Series looks outward to make a difference in the world by bringing together entrepreneurs, academics, artists, and others who are tops in their field and demonstrate warm, kind, open personalities. Summit events, which take place at picturesque and inspiring locations across the U.S., encourage fun and human connection, with one of their eight principles being “Disconnect to connect.” 

Strategic Coach

A business coach is one of the best resources for entrepreneurs you can find. But with so many so-called coaches out there selling their services without credentials to back them up, how do you know where to find one? Strategic Coach is an organization that provides business-coaching workshop programs from highly experienced coaches. With in-person and virtual options, Strategic Coach has worked with more than 20,000 business owners across the globe. 

Birthing of Giants

Birthing of Giants offers a variety of programs for entrepreneurs to boost profits and deliver more value. The organization has a rich history, was incubated at MIT, and today shares knowledge from a board of experts that include Norm Brodsky and Doug Tatum. Its fellowship programs put you in touch with like-minded leaders to experience a legendary strategy-planning program that will help you drive revenue, engage and manage top talent, and catapult your company to the success you envision. 

Co-Working Spaces 

Networking organizations and mastermind groups serve as fantastic business resources because they put you in touch with a carefully curated team of like-minded entrepreneurs. But sometimes you’ll meet your best mentor in a random situation — as long as you’re not spending all your days in solitude locked in your office. 

Plus, let’s face it, being an entrepreneur or even just working from home can get lonely. That’s why Hawke works in partnership with WeWork to give our employees a place to meet with peers and  co-workers. Co-working spaces give you personal connections and intellectual stimulation without travel or the pressure of taking time out of your evenings to attend a networking event. Why not work and connect at the same time? 

1 Million Cups

Like co-working spaces, the 1 Million Cups concept was born from the idea that entrepreneurs can network and discover solutions in casual, friendly environments. Local groups form the heart of this free, national program, which was launched in 2012 by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. There are now chapters in more than 160 communities, giving entrepreneurs opportunities to connect, educate, and engage their community. 

1 Million Cups is a different kind of networking resource. Each week, business owners have a chance to deliver a six-minute presentation and then take questions from the community for the next 20 minutes. Each session ends with the community asking the entrepreneur, “What can we as a community do to help you?” 


A key to success for entrepreneurs is knowing how to deliver your message and speak to a crowd, whether that’s during a shareholder meeting, an internal town hall, or a press conference. If you aren’t comfortable with your public speaking skills — or you simply feel you could improve to gain confidence on stage — Toastmasters International could be a good business resource for you. With online and in-person meetings, training, coaching, and competitions, Toastmasters can become an excellent networking opportunity, as well as a way to build your skill set and gain confidence speaking one-on-one or to a crowd. 

Hawke Ventures and The Hawke Method 

No doubt, funding is just as important to entrepreneurs as having the skills and connections to run your business. Hawke Ventures invests in martech and e-commerce companies that are shaping the future of marketing and ecommerce. The venture-capital company also runs initiatives, such as the Scout Program, to assist postgraduate students in the venture-capital world. 

The best resources for entrepreneurs aren’t limited to networking organizations, classes, or events. You can find many of the business resources you need in books, which can keep you engaged, inspired, and learning even when you aren’t actively attending events. The Hawke Method emphasizes three principles of marketing — awareness, nurturing, and trust — that can help your brand soar.

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