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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

19 Reasons Why Hawkefest is the Best Event of 2019

1. It’s going to be magical

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Our event is hosted at the World Famous Houdini Estate in Hollywood.

2. Our panels are amazing

Take part in engaging activations and immersive entertainment all day long. 

3. We know how to throw a party

It’s our 3rd annual Hawkefest which means we’ve mastered the agenda to give you an unforgettable experience.

4. It’s super exclusive

You have to apply for a chance to get in. Not any average-Joe can attend. 

5. The venue is beautiful

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Enjoy the sights from the top of the Hollywood Hills and absorb the LA magic. 

6. Networking is next level

Talk one-on-one with the business world’s top CEOs and executives.

7. We’ve got talent

Master magician and America’s got talent finalist, Seth Grabel, will be performing.

8. There’s knowledge you’ll want to hear

Our panels are experts in e-commerce marketing and other valuable industries.

9. No Obnoxious Vendors

At other conferences, vendors are always trying to sell and upsell, but at Hawkefest, everyone involved is there to serve you and your mission. 

10. We have awesome swag

Our partners give away tons of goodies to make the day memorable. 

11. Forbes thinks we are a “can’t miss”

Don’t just take our word for it. Forbes is a pretty big deal

12. We are an Anti-Conference

This is not your average event. It’s a day celebrating innovation and community, not just a place for you to sit and listen. 

13. Knowledge is Power

You’ll learn from expert panelists, such as VaynerMedia, Brandable, Drip, and Hurricane Media.

14. Be an early adopter

Each year, Hawkefest gets better. It’s our 3rd event, with many more planned ahead, so get in early and be part of the revolution. 

15. It’s going to be super

Gareb Shamus, Co-Founder/CEO of Comic-Con is on our panel for you to engage with. 

16. Venture capitalists are in the building

There is no better place to rub elbows with investors seeking out new business opportunities

17. It’s fast-paced

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Panels are only 20 minutes long so you have a chance to learn quickly then mingle with the crowd. 

18. The food is spellbinding

Gourmet chefs are catering the party, so make sure to bring your appetite!

19. Expect lots of surprises

Last year, a live band surprised our guests, this year we are keeping the big reveal a secret. Appl
y now to find out!

Still need some more convincing?

Check out footage from last year’s Hawkefest to get an idea of what to expect:

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