November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

4 Influencers Fashion Brands Should Be Paying Attention to in 2020—and Why

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As the influencer industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, Instagram is getting more and more crowded—especially within the fashion space. In order to get noticed in an increasingly saturated environment, top fashion influencers have to find ways to stand out from their competitors. Here are four influencers who fashion brands shouldn’t sleep on and are already grabbing our attention as we head into the new year.

1. @saracovey

Covey has created a one of a kind brand on social through her creative campaigns such as #coveythroughthedecades and her rainbow campaign. She brings a unique perspective and full creative direction to the table that rivals the top fashion influencers in the industry. Her imagery is artwork and is perfect for brands that are looking to add a little color to their feeds.

Industry match: Fashion, Travel, Hospitality, Art

Source: @saracovey

2. @tezza

Known as one of the industry’s top influencers, Tezza creates the industry’s trends. For example, her Reebok campaign went viral due to her creative pose. This pose created a full new campaign called “Bend it like Tezza,” offering multiple times the value for Reebok.

Tezza is not afraid to push the boundaries. She approaches every image with intent to tell a unique story, making her content captivating.

Industry match: Fashion, Travel, Hospitality, Beauty

Source: @tezza

3. @briknopf

Knopf has been rapidly growing over the last few years, recently hitting over 45,000 followers on Instagram. Her unique style stands out on Instagram as edgy, yet feminine.

Unlike other influencers, Knopf does not color edit her photos. Instead, she has an eye for lighting and color combinations that bring her feed together. She is the perfect influencer for a brand looking to reach a young female audience with street style.

Industry match: Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor

Source: @briknopf

4. @_tashbaker

Baker’s one-of-a-kind imagery has grown her over 10,000 followers in around six months. Baker approaches her feed with minimalist design, using light as her source for contrast and color.

Baker is a perfect fit for a modern, luxury brand in need of unique photography. She will help shift your perspective on imagery and bring new light to your brand.

Industry match: Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Food/Beverage, Art

Source: @_tashbaker

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