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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

5 Ways to Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

12 Days of Marketing

Your conversion, the number of potential consumers that go on your website and end up buying your product, is a significant indication of an effective website. Here are five ways to increase your website’s conversion rate and boost site sales.

1. Have a Great Landing Page.

The backbone of blossoming business is a top-notch landing page that incorporates a conversion funnel. When set up correctly, a landing page allows you to gather leads – and leads turn into consumers. Offer something enticing on your landing page that will encourage a visitor to fill out a form with their personal information (email address, name, phone number, etc.) For example, a SAAS company might offer a free demo while a clothing company would offer free shipping.

2. Remarket.

Use automated email marketing sequences to target visitors that went to your site, but didn’t make a purchase. Send abandoned cart emails if potential buyers added items to their cart and then exited your site. Send a reminder email that your product is still on sale and further explain its benefits. Paying attention to visitors that don’t buy is just as important as paying attention to those that do. Stay top-of-mind by retargeting those website visitors that, for some reason or the other, were just not ready to buy.

3. Optimize Your Website.

Make sure your website is engaging its visitors and encourages them to to purchase. One incredibly effective way to do so is by incorporating a website marketing software onto your website. For example, JustUno is fantastic for helping brands create a shopping experience that drives sales through high converting ecommerce promotions, strategically places pop-ups and more.

4. Have an Eye for Design.

Even the simplest of layout decisions, be it as the type of navigation bar, number of options users must choose or use of negative space, has an effect on how a user engages with your site. Additionally, colors are also an important component of effective visual design. Be sure your website and brand imagery are designed in such a way that is welcoming to your users and encourages them to engage with your company.

5. Incorporate Customer Testimonials.

One of the best ways to establish trust with your consumers its to incorporate customer testimonials. On social media, this takes the form of user-generated content. On a website, this is demonstrated by customer reviews of your product. Reviews are the best testimonials as they demonstrate to others people actually do buy your product and love what you offer. Be sure to highlight any customer testimonials you may have, and be sure to attach a face and/or name to the testimonial!