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June 23, 2021 - By Barron Rosborough

7 Ways Digital Rewards Can Boost Marketing Campaign Engagement

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]If you’re a marketer, you know only too well the painstaking processes and activities needed to develop and execute marketing campaigns. However, meeting the goals of your marketing campaigns is typically easier said than done. While there are numerous reasons why marketing campaigns fail, there is a surefire way for you to ensure the success of your next campaign. And it all starts with increasing engagement across your marketing campaigns. The question then becomes, what’s the best way to generate interest campaign after campaign after campaign?

How Digital Rewards Can Accelerate Engagement and Maximize Campaign ROI

Designed to communicate the value of your brand and drive action, your campaigns need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Remember you only have seconds to grab the attention of your prospects and customers, and to do this you need to give them an experience they won’t soon forget. 

While marketers typically have an array of tools in their campaign tool chest, one that is often overlooked is digital rewards – until now! Savvy marketers across the globe are gravitating to digital rewards as a way to boost marketing campaign engagement and improve ROI. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, let’s first agree on the definition of digital rewards. Essentially, digital rewards are e-gift cards that can be sent via a link or customizable email. Simple enough, right?  Next, let’s tackle the best ways to incorporate digital rewards into your marketing campaigns.

1) Incentivize webinar attendance:

There’s nothing like a webinar to generate excitement around a new offering or feature. As one of the first steps in a customer journey, you need to make a lasting impression. Nothing says, ‘waste of time’ like a webinar that has dismal attendance. Boost attendance with a digital reward that lets attendees know you value them and their time. Want to take this strategy to the next level? Turn your next webinar into a webinar and coffee event by gifting attendees with a gift card from Starbucks.

2) Keep attention fresh throughout integrated campaigns:

Generating qualified leads typically takes a multitouch approach. Let’s say the campaign starts with an email and ends with an invitation to an event. Throughout each phase, you provide a call to action that the prospect needs to take before moving to the next step. Getting them to move through the funnel is not only time-consuming, but drop-off rates typically increase at every step. With digital rewards, you can stay top of mind while establishing goodwill. This is where you can increase the value of the digital reward each time the prospect advances to the next level. 

3) Grab the attention of the right people:

If you’re like 92% of your B2B marketing counterparts, using ABM programs is extremely important in your overall marketing strategy. Let’s assume your next ABM activity includes sending emails to your target audience. To improve response rates and accelerate your ABM campaign, include a digital reward in the initial email. Marketo is using this approach to increase engagement and this strategy is taking off! 

4) Optimize your referral marketing programs:

A low-cost way to increase your customer base is through referrals. By using digital rewards, you can tip the scales in your favor and generate more leads with every referral program you design. A simple and cost-effective way to do this is by using a two-pronged approach. When a customer refers a qualified prospect to your company, gift them a $10 digital reward. Be sure you don’t leave the prospect out of the equation. On their very first purchase, send them a $10 reward. Want to add even more value and further increase your customer base? Make the program even more intriguing by increasing the gift value for every referral a customer makes. 

5) Motivate customers to provide feedback:

Being able to provide the products and services your customer’s desire requires honest feedback, but getting customers to share their thoughts isn’t always easy. The next time you send a survey, boost your response rates by delivering a $15 digital reward to every respondent that completes the survey. By thanking respondents with something they value, respondents will be more inclined to complete each and every survey you send. 

6) Create customer loyalty:

Today customers are quick to churn – one bad experience can send them fleeing to your competition. Be sure your customers know how much you value them by showing your appreciation. You may already have customer appreciation programs in place, but are they providing the loyalty and increased revenue you’re after? By incorporating digital rewards into your loyalty programs you can turn fickle customers into loyal customers and loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

7) Increase your social proof:

Today nearly every company is asking customers to write online reviews or repost content on their social sites. If your customers are like most, they don’t take the time, that is of course unless the experience was negative. To get your satisfied customers raving about their experience, give them something in return for the time they spend to help you grow your business. A small token of appreciation like a $5 digital reward can help improve your social standing and even increase your prospect base. 

You are most likely already executing some, if not all, of these marketing campaign strategies at varying levels of success. With the basics of your campaigns already in hand, it’s just a matter of incorporating digital rewards into your campaign strategies.

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level

The flexibility that digital rewards offers can’t be underestimated, but the last thing you need is to add another activity to your already busy day. This is where Rybbon can help. Rybbon’s complete solution makes the entire process pain-free. From sending, tracking, and managing digital rewards, Rybbon makes it easy to set up and incorporate digital rewards into your survey and marketing campaigns. Whether on a national or international level, you’re able to quickly and effortlessly automate e-gifting.

Worried about digital rewards getting lost or going unclaimed? Don’t be… With Rybbon you’re able to send rewards from your email address, with your branding, and your personal message – giving you the ability to promote your brand and deliver the personalization customers crave. Rybbon also provides a 100% refund policy to ensure your marketing programs are budget-friendly.  For any reward that is sent but goes unclaimed by the recipient, Rybbon automatically provides a 100% refund.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]