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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

9 Ecommerce Platforms We Love

One of our founding principles at Hawke is that every ecommerce business needs a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy. Part of that strategy is picking the best platforms to operate the various channels in the most efficient way.Here are some of our favorite platforms for ecommerce companies:

1 – Shopify for Websites

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows you to build a digital storefront for selling anything online. While it supports advanced builds, its wide array of features (like customizable checkout and ability to manage selling across multiple channels), access to over 1,500 integrations (more on those later), and robust analytics make it our preferred web platform.

2 – Klaviyo for Email

Klaviyo is an email service provider (ESP) built specifically for ecommerce businesses. With its powerful segmentation and automation tools, Klaviyo allows you to build highly targeted and personalized campaigns, while responsive templates and custom activity fields make it easy to design emails. Its robust analytics also allow for continual campaign optimization.

3 – Justuno for Email Acquisition

Part of any successful email strategy is to grow your email list. Justuno is our favorite tool to use when growing that list. Its powerful tools make it easy to design email capture popups that integrate with major ecommerce platforms (including Shopify, of course) and ESPs.

4 – Octane for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger marketing is an increasingly popular way for ecommerce businesses to interact with customers. Octane’s automated Facebook Messenger chatbots make those interactions efficient and manageable. Oh, and did we mention it easily integrates with Shopify?

5 – Postscript for SMS

Like Octane for Messenger, Postscript offers automated SMS chatbots for Shopify sellers. Its automation and segmentation make it a great way to reach your customers in yet another growing marketing channel.

6 – Yotpo for Reviews

Third-party validation goes a long way in growing brand awareness and increasing sales. Yotpo is a reviews and loyalty platform that allows your brand to achieve social proof by leveraging customer-generated content. Its partnerships with Google, Facebook, and Instagram will help you display customer reviews prominently on the largest digital ad platforms.

7 – Gorgias for Customer Support

Gorgias is a customer service helpdesk designed for Shopify stores, offering live chat or automated messaging across all support channels (email, chat, messenger, etc.). Its various productivity and task management features like assignments and internal memos, and comprehensive customer info, including purchase history and conversation archives, make it our preferred platform for customer support.

8 – Bolt for Payments

Friction during the checkout process is a leading cause of lost revenue opportunities and lower conversion rates. Bolt’s A/B-tested checkout interface improves checkout times and reduces bounce rates at the most critical stage. Plus it offers fraud detection and real-time ROI tracking!

9 – Sezzle

Give your customers the option to pay for their items over time with easy financing through Sezzle. They offer simple payment plans with zero interest and no hidden fees, so your customers get a more flexible shopping experience and you get the opportunity to increase AOV.