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April 19, 2024 - By Barron Rosborough

Erik’s April Favorites

Welcome to the latest edition of Erik’s Favorite Things, a unique series that delves into a handpicked selection of brands that stand out in the marketplace for their commitment to innovation, quality, and authenticity. This curated list is not just about the products themselves but about understanding the impact and value they bring to everyday life. From eco-conscious beauty products to revolutionary wellness foods, each brand featured represents a pinnacle of excellence and a dedication to positive change, resonating with anyone who prioritizes integrity and efficacy in their consumer choices.


Who knew that devouring cookie dough could be an act of kindness? Doich! isn’t just about crafting delicious, healthier cookie dough—it’s about making an impact. What I love about Doich! is that every bite not only tastes like rebellion against conventional health wisdom but also contributes to fantastic causes. It’s guilt-free indulgence that truly “does good,” making each cookie you munch a step toward a better world.


In the world of men’s grooming, TRENDSTARTER stands out not just for its superior quality but for understanding what men really need. Their products give me the confidence to face the day head-on. From the all-day hold to the luxe scent, it’s not just about looking good but feeling unstoppable. I reach for TRENDSTARTER because when my hair is right, I can handle anything.


Snowboarding isn’t just a sport; it’s a way of life, and nobody gets that more than Gentemstick. Their snowboards aren’t just equipment—they’re a tribute to nature’s grandeur, inspired by the elements and crafted with soul. The balance of traditional design with innovative craftsmanship lets me ride the slopes with an almost spiritual exhilaration. It’s pure, it’s exhilarating—it’s Gentemstick.

Fruit Riot

Fruit Riot is like a party in your mouth! The fusion of real fruit with a sour twist is genius. At just 45 calories, these frozen delights keep my taste buds dancing without the calorie overload. It’s the perfect snack for keeping things light and fun, whether I’m in a meeting or on the move.


L’OCCITANE is more than just beauty products; it’s a commitment to sustainable beauty that empowers communities and protects the environment. Their use of natural ingredients not only pampers the skin but also preserves the essence of nature. Every time I use their products, I feel connected to a larger, global family committed to real beauty.

MEALS by Muscle Lab

Nutrition is key in the high-performance world, and MEALS by Muscle Lab makes it ridiculously easy to stay on top of my game. These chef-crafted meals aren’t just delicious—they’re perfectly balanced to fuel my body and support recovery. It’s like having a personal chef in my fridge, ready whenever I am.

Salt & Stone

Every product from Salt & Stone is a testament to living vigorously without compromising on self-care. Their skincare range effectively combats the rigors of both natural elements and urban demands. I use Salt & Stone because it’s not just protection; it’s an armor that rejuvenates my skin and respects the planet.

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch takes men’s grooming back to basics, with a dash of rugged charm. Their commitment to natural ingredients and formidable scents makes their line a staple in my daily routine. It’s about elevating everyday hygiene into a more natural, enjoyable experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

ALT Fragrances

ALT. Fragrances disrupt the fragrance industry with a simple formula: luxury scents without the luxury price tag. Their philosophy of accessibility and transparency makes high-end fragrances attainable, allowing me to dabble in luxury without the splurge. It’s smart, sustainable, and smells absolutely incredible.

These brands don’t just sell products—they offer experiences and values that resonate deeply with my own. It’s why they’re not just my favorites; they’re essentials.