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March 27, 2024 - By Barron Rosborough

Erik’s March Favorites

In a landscape where the ordinary rarely makes the cut, Erik Huberman, Founder & CEO of Hawke Media, navigates the world of brands with a keen eye for the exceptional. This isn’t just a list; it’s a map to treasures hidden within the marketplace, each brand at the intersection of innovation and purpose. Through Erik’s lens, we’re not just looking at what these companies sell, but the stories they tell and the problems they’re solving. From the comfort of homes to the joy of discovery, from the warmth of shared moments to the thrill of creativity, each pick offers a glimpse into a future shaped by more than just transactions. Join us on a journey through Erik’s favorites, where every brand echoes his belief in the power of genuine connection and groundbreaking ideas.

Schnuzzle | Like a ball, just 10,000x better


As an entrepreneur deeply involved in the marketing world, Schnuzzle stands out to me not just as a client, but as a pioneer in pet wellness. The ingenious idea of focusing on scent to enrich our furry friends’ lives is something that resonates with me. My dog, Jefe, is more than just a pet; he’s a member of the family. Seeing him engaged and happy with Schnuzzle’s eco-friendly toys, sniffing away to his heart’s content, is a testament to their innovation. It’s not just a toy; it’s an experience that taps into the natural instincts of pets, making Schnuzzle a no-brainer for anyone looking to enhance their pet’s happiness and well-being.

Elegant Baby Cardigan & Knit Pants Set – Little Miss Muffin Children & Home

Elegant Baby

With the arrival of my baby daughter, quality and sustainability have never been more important in choosing products that surround her. Elegant Baby is a brand that aligns with these values perfectly. Their commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and timeless design has made them my go-to for all things baby. Whether it’s their personalized gifts that add a special touch to her nursery, or the heirloom-quality knit blankets that she snuggles with every day, Elegant Baby products are a testament to what it means to blend tradition with modern elegance. Their products are not just baby essentials; they’re treasures that my family will cherish for years to come.

Preserved Flowers/Florals Bouquets & Arrangements | Shop East Olivia

East Olivia

The resilience and creativity of East Olivia in the face of adversity is nothing short of inspiring. My wife loves having fresh, beautiful flowers in our home, and East Olivia’s Forever Florals have become a staple in our living spaces. Their ability to pivot from traditional event styling to creating these everlasting arrangements speaks volumes about their dedication to beauty and innovation. Each season brings a new collection that transforms our home into a more vibrant and joyful place. East Olivia’s journey and their commitment to crafting beauty in every bouquet resonates with my entrepreneurial spirit, making them a personal favorite.

How this Northeastern grad took her cake-making business from her off campus apartment to 'Saturday Night Live' - Northeastern Global News

Saint Street Cakes

Morgan Knight’s story with Saint Street Cakes is a prime example of how passion, creativity, and the power of social media can turn a hobby into a thriving business. As someone who believes in the power of storytelling in business, Saint Street Cakes’ narrative is compelling. Each cake is not just a dessert; it’s a work of art that tells a story, much like Morgan’s journey from baking for friends to becoming a viral sensation. Her dedication to her craft and her plans to balance a future in policy with her passion for baking are inspiring. Saint Street Cakes embodies the entrepreneurial spirit I advocate for, making it a clear favorite on my list.

Olive & June | Health and beauty in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Olive & June

Olive & June’s mission to democratize beauty and make manicures accessible and fun speaks to me. Their innovative approach to at-home nail care and their dedication to quality and education have revolutionized how my wife approaches her nail routine. As someone who appreciates businesses that disrupt traditional industries with a focus on customer experience, Olive & June stands out. Their commitment to making everyone feel like their best selves through the simple joy of a manicure is a testament to the power of thoughtful entrepreneurship.

Gemist - Home


The challenge of selling jewelry online is one that many have tried and failed to overcome, but Gemist has tackled it head-on. Their innovative approach to customization and interactive shopping experiences has made them a leader in the digital jewelry space. As an entrepreneur, the idea of using technology to solve a tangible problem—like finding the perfect piece of jewelry—resonates with me. Gemist is not just a brand; it’s a solution that empowers consumers, making it a favorite for personal and professional reasons.
Gwyneth Paltrow Sells A $150 Serum On Goop. Can She Also Sell A $39.99 Serum At Target? | Beauty Independent


Goop’s holistic approach to wellness, beauty, and lifestyle is something I admire. Gwyneth Paltrow’s vision of creating a content-rich platform that curates and sells top-tier products is an inspiration to content creators and entrepreneurs alike. Goop’s commitment to quality and its ability to set trends rather than follow them makes it a brand that aligns with my values of innovation and excellence.

Elix: The New Start-Up Using Technology To Deliver Customized Chinese Herbal Remedies To Ease Women's Hormonal Health Issues


In a world where wellness often feels compartmentalized, Elix’s approach to holistic health through the lens of menstrual and hormonal health is refreshing. Their use of traditional herbal blends backed by modern science offers a personalized solution to wellness that’s both effective and enlightening. As someone who believes in the power of data-driven solutions to real-world problems, Elix’s mission to create happier, healthier lives through natural remedies is something I can stand behind.

Beautiful Holiday Cards From - Her Plate


Minted’s community-driven platform is a brilliant example of how technology can democratize the art and design industry. By leveraging crowdsourcing to discover fresh talent and unique designs, Minted has created a marketplace that’s as diverse as it is innovative. As an advocate for meritocracy in business, I’m inspired by Minted’s commitment to giving artists from all walks of life a platform to shine. Their model not only supports independent artists but also ensures that consumers have access to truly unique, trendsetting designs. The concept of turning customers into co-creators through voting and feedback resonates with my belief in the power of community engagement to drive innovation. Minted isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a testament to the strength of collective creativity, making it a favorite for decorating our home and office spaces with art that has a story.

Parachute Percale Sheets Review 2023


Comfort and quality in the home have always been important to me, especially given the fast-paced nature of my work life. Parachute’s dedication to creating premium, sustainably sourced home essentials mirrors my values of taking care of our spaces to ensure they take care of us. The story of Ariel Kaye, founding Parachute out of a personal need for better home goods, parallels the entrepreneurial journey of identifying a gap in the market and filling it with a solution that resonates with many. Whether it’s their luxurious sheets or their plush towels, each Parachute product brings a sense of serenity and quality to everyday life. Their commitment to comfort, community, and sustainability makes Parachute a brand that not only enhances our home but also aligns with our ideals for a better, more mindful way of living.