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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

How to Grow Your Brand with Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads are a fantastic way to raise awareness about your brand and drive sales. When you think about Facebook as a platform, what are the two main reasons people continually log on? One is to connect with their network of friends socially—obviously; it’s a social network. The other reason is to view content, particularly content that is relevant to them! One thing that we as marketers have to realize is that people don’t necessarily care how the content they consume is delivered to them, as long as they find it relevant to their interests.Facebook estimates that people return to Facebook an average of 14 times a day and that video viewing has increased more than 50 percent since it’s inception. Facebook video ads give us a chance to connect with our customers on a deeper level than a generic call-to-action ad and build real brand loyalty. Below are some of the benefits and considerations to start a successful video ad campaign:

Video Ad Content

When considering what to put in a video ad, you must take into account the interests of your target demographic. For example, we have a client who sells fun and colorful sunglasses. The video that we used for them contained models, bikinis, surfing, skydiving, etc. We saw $0.02 video views, $0.10 CPC’s, and a 13% CTR. Try and use a fun/exciting/informative video that will speak to the potential people watching it. Don’t sweat your text too much, just try and come up with something short and sweet, which is on par with the brand and the video’s feel.


One of the biggest benefits of using video ads is the audience you collect for future targeting. Your video will collect two audiences for you. One of the audiences consists of people who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video, and the other consists of people who viewed your video ad to at least 95 percent of its length. You now have two segmented audiences, which you can later retarget with other more direct response ads. The only requirement that Facebook has to get these audiences is that you must receive 1,000 video views within a 24-hour period, which is typically easy to maintain if you spend more than $50 a day. Measuring the success of a video on a direct response basis is possible as well. Many of the people that see the video don’t necessarily go to the site and buy something. Changing the attribution window in reporting to a 30-day view through conversions will get you a complete understanding of the video, and it’s direct response statistics.

Things To Know

Facebook defines a video view as a user who has seen at least three seconds of your video ad. Typically, we see that video views cost somewhere around $0.03 to $0.10. Keep in mind that cost per view and cost per click are two DIFFERENT things. Videos will automatically play if you hover over them, which is why CPV is typically cheaper than CPC.We see that mobile typically gets cheaper CPV’s and CPC’s. However, there are more direct conversions from desktop. If you are doing video ads strictly for the audience reach or branding opportunities then only run mobile videos, but if your goal is to get a good mix of direct sales and still get the audience to retarget to, you should run ads on both mobile and desktop.Now go forth and make awesome videos!