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June 7, 2021 - By Barron Rosborough

Hawke Teams up with Extended Warranty Platform, Clyde

Hawke Media is proud to introduce Clyde to our suite of managed services, giving our clients access to new revenue streams, expanded customer touchpoints, and more opportunities to build positive customer relationships beyond the point of sale.

Clyde is an extended warranty platform and licensed administrator that helps retailers own the moments that matter. Clyde’s platform and program management provide a superior protection experience for retailers and customers alike- transforming an expensive, technically demanding process into a painless breeze that offers an exceptional customer experience and drives revenue.

Hawke Media joins forces with Clyde as the inaugural member of Clyde’s partnership program, bringing the capability of extended warranties to our over 500 clients. Putting a new spin on an old process through automation and a focus on usability.

Who Is Clyde For?

Clyde exists to help merchants of all sizes- from SMB’s to enterprises- to drive revenue and help improve the end customer’s product ownership experience.

By offering warranties contracts to merchants of all sizes, Clyde is helping eCommerce brands to democratize insurance and warranties. They support merchants selling furniture, mattresses, ebikes/ scooters, electronics, appliances, hardware, sporting goods, fitness equipment, jewelry, optical, watches, and more.

Why Is Clyde Right For You?

  • Free to install and use
  • Proven to shorten the sales cycle
  • Instant new revenue stream with merchants receiving nearly 60-80% of contracts sold
  • Helps build direct relationships with 3rd party customers 
  • Can increase customer LTV
  • Fully managed program (calls to action, sending terms, filing claims, resolution) 

Clyde’s CEO on Why He Created Their Platform

“I founded Clyde to streamline the post-purchase experience for both retailers and customers – starting in the extended warranty and protection plan space. When programs like these are done right, they are a pure value-add, providing customers with peace of mind, while creating a competitive advantage to the retailer,” says Brandon Gell, CEO, and co-founder of Clyde.

How Hawke Fits In

As the managed service provider, Hawke makes sure that your business gets the most out of Clyde starting from integration with your legacy systems to continued management. We have the know-how so you don’t have to waste your time, effort, and money training our finding a team to outsource to. And as the first member of Clyde’s partner program no one’s as close to the source as we are, so you get exclusive access to new features and benefits.