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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

Measure The Online Success Of Your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Who doesn’t love guerrilla marketing! The gritty thrill of spreading your brand through unconventional methods, saving money on expensive TV or digital ads, going viral! Running a guerrilla marketing campaign can be an exciting way to build your brand and reach new potential customers. There are a million different ways to run a guerrilla campaign, but regardless of which route you take, you’ll want to measure the effect that your efforts have on your business. After all, the best guerrilla marketing campaign is the one that drives results. Here are a few ways to keep a pulse on the success of your guerrilla campaign:

Direct and Organic Traffic

As your guerrilla efforts begin to gain traction, you may notice your website traffic start to spike. While this is great, you’ll want to see how these sessions are contributing to your business’ bottom line. As is the nature of many guerrilla campaigns, this traffic can be hard to track and even harder to attribute with conversions. In order to get a clearer understanding of your guerrilla campaign’s success, you’ll want to take note of your Direct and Organic traffic. When you run guerrilla campaigns that aren’t directly trackable, you’ll have more people searching for your brand on search engines and coming directly to your website. If you compare this traffic before and after your guerrilla marketing efforts, you’ll have a rough picture of how that traffic is performing.

Redeemable Codes & Shortened URL’s

Another great way to compliment your campaign’s trackability is by using specific coupon codes or shortened URLs and landing pages. If you can arm the campaign with a unique coupon or redeemable code, you’ll be able to see the number of people converting using that code and attribute those sessions to your guerrilla campaign. Another option is to use an URL shortener to make a short URL that will be more memorable to people through your guerrilla efforts. As a bonus, you can tag these URLs to make them trackable or even use dedicated landing pages tailored towards these users.

Use a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign

Paid search campaigns can also be used to your advantage when running guerrilla marketing campaigns. If your guerrilla campaign is designed to stir curiosity or contains some kind of mystery, you can stay one step ahead by using Search Engine Marketing to your advantage. By being conscious of what your guerrilla campaign may cause people to search for, you can bid on those terms that would otherwise not be important. Once you capture these searchers with your ads, you’ll have a sense of how these people are interacting with your business on site.

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