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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

3 Keys to Smart Media Planning & Media Buying

Brian here, and today let’s chat about the keys to SMART media buying & media planning. How you structure your digital marketing mix, no matter how strong your creative, can make or break your digital media campaign. So, I’ll give you my 3 top keys to campaign success!1) Understand Your Audience Every campaign is unique, and has it’s own unique goals, strengths, weaknesses, and every brand has it’s own core audience. Be mindful of the importance gathering and evaluating your brand’s demographic, psychographic & behavioral data.Then you can make more educated decisions on which publishers & sites fit that mix!2) Diversify Your Media MixWe’ve all heard the famous expression: “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Well, that was a smart guy or girl who said that, and that can be applied to all facets of life, and in this case is very important in media planning. There are all sorts of digital touchpoints where you can feature your ads. There’s – email, display, facebook, bloggers, radio, television, print, etc. Make sure you have a mix of all of these digital channels & explore offline channels as well! Find the places with the strongest rates and premium placements that fit your audience. Who wants to be on a bus stop when you can be on a billboard for the same price?3) Optimize, Optimize, OptimizeIf you just throw a dart at the wall blindly and hope it hits, there’s a fair chance you’ll miss the wall all together. Some media campaigns will work, and some will not. Track & Optimize your campaigns tactically, and be quick to react to your results.I’ll be back next week to chat again! Have a great weekend everyone!Cheers,Brian Deutsch, Hawke Media