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January 14, 2021 - By Barron Rosborough

Hawke Media Special Report: January 14, 2021

Bitcoin Price

In just the last 30 days Bitcoin’s (BTC) value has exploded, increasing nearly $20,000. Aside from arguments about the viability of Bitcoin as a currency, it’s clear that the cryptocurrency market’s star has caught the world’s attention once again after making some speculators millionaires in just as short a period of time.

While this is good news to most it comes with a grain of salt to others like Silicon Valley programmer, Stefan Thomas, who has 7,002 BTC locked away in a hard drive that he has long since lost the password to.

Thomas has two more tries to remember his password in order to recover his Bitcoin, which at the time of writing this would be valued at $276,571,227.78.

So, the message is clear, don’t be like Stefan Thomas. Use a password manager–don’t write your passwords down on a piece of paper.

Consumer Trends


Spending by age group

Source: J.P. Morgan

  • Millennials and Gen Zers are outspending Gen X and Boomers, according to data from Chase cardholders.
  • From November 2020 through January 2021 US consumers are expected to spend $196 billion in eCommerce transactions. – Digital Commerce 360

Technology & Ethics

consumer corporate technology concerns

Source: Mintel

  • 72% of US consumers are concerned about issues related to data privacy & security and speed of government responsiveness, which is diminishing trust in brands.


Consumers Searching for Control

Source: Google

  • Google has identified key drivers for consumer behaviors based on recent search relevance, with maintaining a sense of control in one’s life being a top trend among searchers.

Business Trends


retail ecommerce growth by region

Source: eMarketer

  • eCommerce grew by over 27% worldwide as the pandemic forced shoppers to reevaluate their needs, habits, and preferences.

Industry Breakdown

Consumer Spending & Transactions

Source: Facteus

  • Video games continue to outperform as spending increased 77% the week of 11/15 and has charted strongly since.
  • This comes along with the news that Gamestop ($GME) stock jumped over 57% on Wednesday, 1/13.

Platform Preference

Social Platform Preference Among Marketers

Source: Hootsuite

  • With strong offerings for advertisers and social media marketers, established platforms like Facebook continue to provide the most value for reaching customers and potential customers.