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November 4, 2020 - By Hawke Media

6 Ways to Use Shoppable Instagram Posts to Boost Revenue

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Last year, Instagram launched a new shoppable experience that allowed businesses in the U.S. to tag products in their organic posts. This year, they expanded that to include 46 other countries.Use these six tips to successfully incorporate shoppable Instagram posts into your social media strategy and boost your revenue.

1. Get Help From Other Platforms.

Integrate ecommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce with you Instagram shoppable posts. Doing so will help keep the process easy and streamlined, ensuring that your product inventory and user experience are synced across all the various places your sell your product.

2. Understand Your Audience.

All business accounts have access to Instagram’s in-platform analytics. Make sure you’re using these analytics to gain a better understanding of your audience, ensuring you’re promoting the right products to the right people.

3. Incorporate Influencers.

Team up with influencers (that are aligned with your brand) to maximize the reach of your posts. You can also repost their content into your own feed – just be sure to give proper attribution. While you can’t tag individuals in shoppable posts, you can tag their name within the image’s caption!

4. Tag Your Old Posts.

Go back through your feed, select a handful of existing photos and tag your products! This way, newcomers can stalk your feed and still have the option of buying your product directly from your post. This means there’s a chance of you making a sale even on a week- or month-old post.

5. Create At Least 9 Shoppable Posts.

Having at least nine shoppable posts gives you access to the “shop” tab on your Instagram profile. This allows followers to view all of your shoppable posts in one place and makes it that much easier for fans to buy your product directly from Instagram.

6. Use UCG.

User-generated content is more trusted by consumers, especially millennials, than any other type of content and increased brand trust. Repost content from your followers, give credit to them in the caption and add shopping tags to your product! It’s a great way to build a sense of community, increase brand trust and source content for your feed.